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U.S. Customs Compliance Signs for Import Businesses in Long Beach, CA with Quick Turnaround!

 May 09, 2022

Recently, we have been in contact with importers who said they needed U.S. Customs compliance signs in Long Beach, CA. According to insiders, Customs agents have made run-throughs of importers around the Port of Los Angeles and handed out citations. One problem they noted was out-of-compliance signage. Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing compliance signs in and around L.A. and Orange counties.

Customs Compliance Signs at Port of Los Angeles CA

Compliant Signage is a Specialty That Not All Shops Specialize In Putting Together

Did you know that not every sign shop understands what compliance is all about? Not surprisingly, importers have struggled to find assistance with signs that follow the mandated design and display the required verbiage. We can help. Our shop has produced signage for Flexport, JUSDA, and other clients. These projects required strict adherence to narrowly defined specs.

US Customs Signs for Compliance in Long Beach CA

U.S. Customs Signs for Compliance Follow Specific Standards

These signs must be placed on chain link fences inside the warehouses that store imported items before the Customs officer inspects them. These signs feature contraband warnings and cite the applicable Title in the law. The lettering follows an easy-to-read upper case font, with black and red words set to contrast with the white background.

Warehouse Customs Compliance Signs for Importers in Long Beach CA

Warehouse Customs compliance signs importers at the ports need must also warn workers and those doing business nearby that access to the area is limited. Moreover, the storage area of goods that are not yet inspected has to be clearly marked to prevent any confusion and possible mingling with imports that have already undergone the inspection.

Signs for Compliance with U.S. Customs Must Meet Size and Durability Requirements

Because the signage is installed inside and outside, the products must be manufactured using materials that will do well in either setting. Our specialists have determined that aluminum and aluminum composites are ideal for this display requirement. Aluminum does not rust; it does not bow or bend with direct sun exposure.

Signs for Compliance with US Customs in Long Beach CA

We can imprint the material directly or apply printed vinyl overlays. For the client who wants to protect the investment in the signage, we can also add an anti-graffiti laminate. If vandals tag your signs, they clean up easily with solvent and a soft cloth. There is no longer the need to replace them or paint over the scribbles.

U.S. Customs Signs in Long Beach CA

Customs Compliance Signs at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Leave no Leeway for Design or Verbiage

Because there are specific messages that the signs have to display, manufacturers do not have the freedom to add or delete verbiage. Therefore, the sign shop you work with had to have the approved terminology. In addition, because the lettering requirements tend to change over the years, the shop must remain at the forefront of such changes to implement them as they occur.

Buy U.S. Customs Compliance Signs in Long Beach, CA

We specialize in putting together compliant signs using the wording, color palette, durability, and sizing that you need today. Call our shop today to request a free quote!


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