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Directional Signs and Building Identifier Signs for Los Angeles Factory Campus Help Visitors Find Their Way!

 Oct 24, 2018

Directional Signs | Building ID Signs | Los Angeles CA

Superior Signs and Graphics has a long-standing working relationship with Nestle Waters. In the past, we wrapped beverage coolers for Nestle Waters’ retail division. Our team also assisted with the design of Lean Six Sigma managerial signage that management teams installed in offices and manufacturing areas. Now, we collaborated with the factory team to put together directional signs and building identifiers in Los Angeles.

Assessing Nestle Waters’ Signage Needs with a Targeted Site Survey

Wayfinding Signs | Directional Signs | Los Angeles CA

Directional signage helps visitors navigate!

As a good-quality sign shop, we firmly believe in the power of the site survey. It enables technicians to adjust new signage to fit in perfectly with already existing markers. Moreover, it helps us determine the right color combinations and sizing setups. The Nestle Waters campus is a good example.

When the management team contacted us, a representative requested directional signage. To ensure the best display areas and visibility, we toured the facility. Doing so alerted us to the fact that the signage solutions would have to be larger than initially anticipated. Many of the markers would be viewed from a more significant distance away. Make a mistake here, and the signs will not be helpful.

Directional Signs in Los Angeles CA

Directory signage a must do for a large factory!

After the site survey, our team designed highly-visible products that measure five feet in height and four feet in width. Next, we added a directory at the parking lot entrance and another one on a chain link fence in the middle of the campus. Arriving visitors now see the first directional sign that alerts them to the color coordination scheme of the building identifiers. The client liked the approach so much that the team requested an additional directory sign for the other entrance to the lot.

How to Make Directional Signage Stand Out

Building Identification Signs in Los Angeles

Color coordinated building ID signs lead the way!

When discussing the design of the various signage components for your warehouse, ease of legibility was a primary concern. We followed a concerted action model to make it work.

  • Color coordination. There are multiple buildings on the Nestle Waters campus. Identifying each one was crucial Rather than merely relying on numbers, we augmented this identification tool with colors.
  • Distance readability. White on navy blue is an excellent contrast for creating easy-to-read messages. Moreover, the use of the dark background makes the color coding pop.
  • Repetition. Repeating the directory’s message at a second location is instrumental. Moreover, you will notice that we provided arrows pointing in the direction of the indicated areas.
  • Sizing. These signs are made to be seen and read from a distance. It is impractical to put together a signage suite that does not take into consideration from where the individual components will be viewed.

Does Your Location Need Directional Signs and Building Identifiers in Los Angeles?

Warehouse Building ID Signs Los Angeles CA

Do you need building ID signage?

Make it easy for visitors, vendors, and delivery drivers to locate the appropriate area on your manufacturing or wholesale lot. Cut down on mistaken deliveries or the risk of having pedestrians walk around an area with heavy truck traffic. With the right signage, you ensure that everyone finds what he or she is looking for the first time around.

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