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Vehicle Graphics in Anaheim, CA

Custom Designed Vehicle Wraps, Graphics, Decals And Lettering For Your Car, Truck Or Van in Anaheim, CA!

You pay a lot to purchase, run and maintain your commercial vehicles – so why not get an extra return on that investment by using your cars, trucks and vans to advertise for you every day?  The idea of using an existing asset is simple enough – but the entire process of determining what is best for your business and fleet in terms of design/messaging, budget, graphic coverage, and installation can seem daunting.  That is where the experts at Superior Signs and Graphics can provide the help you need!

Wrap and Decal Material Choices

We use genuine 3M products because they are the most durable and long lasting in the industry.  Although you will pay a small premium in price for 3M products vs off-brands – the extra life that you will get with 3M makes the cost per year lower than the cheaper off-brands.  Depending upon the coverage areas – we will use either a flat surface vinyl and laminate (smaller decals and lettering on flat areas of the vehicle), or the very conformable cast vinyl and laminates for full and partial wraps.  Matte and semi-gloss finishes are available. An additional benefit that Superior Signs and Graphics provides is an additional year of 3M graphics warranty than other shops can offer on all cast 3M products. This MCS Warranty extension was awarded to us by 3M because of our high-quality print and finishing equipment and processes – and because we use 3M materials and genuine HP latex inks.

Vehicle Graphics Coverage Options

Full wraps typically do not include the roof when done on a commercial van because it is not visible  – but would be included on a passenger vehicle full wrap. A partial wrap can be anything from ½ of the vehicle being wrapped to ¾ wrap of the vehicle being covered.  These types of coverage would often avoid wrapping the front of the vehicle (front fenders and hood/bumpers) because they are not good advertising areas and they wear the fastest.  The decision on whether to do a full or partial wrap may depend upon the color and condition of the current vehicle paint, or the vehicle wrap design. Decals and lettering are another option if the vehicle base color is appropriate.  Box trucks typically get coverage on the sides and rear of the cargo box and door decals.  Vans, trucks and cars may also benefit from perforated window graphics that allow us to continue the messaging across vehicle windows while still allowing driver and passenger visibility.

In-house Vehicle Graphic Design Services in Anaheim, CA

We have talented Graphic Designers that can design your wrap or vehicle graphics for you – or you can bring your own design and we’ll help getting it properly placed on the vehicles to avoid important parts of the messaging from getting cut off by a door handle – for example.  With thousands of 1/20th scale vehicle templates available for laying out the design – the design process becomes very visual.  You can come in and sit with your designer while the design is being created – which allow real time changes and updates and speeds the design process.  Or we can proof designs and updates via email.

We’re 3M Preferred Vinyl Graphics Installers in Anaheim, CA!

We have gone through the thorough and intensive hands on and written certification and testing program put on by 3M. The Preferred Vinyl Graphics Installer program allows installers and shops to validate and reinforce installation skills and includes a listing on the “3M Find an Installer” website. We do installations in our 4300 square foot facility in Buena Park, CA, or can travel to surrounding Orange County cities like Anaheim to do fleet installations on-site.  When it comes to a long-lasting vehicle wrap, proper preparation, installation techniques, and post heating after installation are very important. Don’t let just anyone install your vehicle wrap – make sure they are 3M Preferred!

Getting Started on Your Wrap Project is Easy!

One call to our sales team at (714) 248-5901 is all it takes to get started!  Or just click on the Quick & Easy Quote box and get a quote emailed to you.  We offer FREE quotes and can quote two different coverage options if desired so you can see what fits into your budget. We’re located in Buena Park and service Anaheim and all or Orange County, CA. Let’s put those vehicles to work with custom designed, eye-catching commercial vehicle graphics!

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