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Lobby Signs in Anaheim, CA

We Specialize In Custom 3d Logo Signs That Will Make Your Corporate Lobby Stand Out in Anaheim, CA!

Whether your office is in Anaheim, Fullerton, or Brea, CA –  a professional looking wall sign that displays your company logo is a must for office lobby areas. Choosing the right type of sign, materials and finishes, as well as the optimum size is important for maximum effectiveness – and to ensure you come in on budget. That is where the “Lobby Sign Experts” at Superior Signs and Graphics come in!

Different Types of Lobby Signs

The decision on the type of lobby sign to purchase may be driven in part by the design of your corporate logo.  Although most company logos are able to be reproduced in 3D format, some fonts and logo pieces have narrow strokes (the width of the lettering), or are connected by thin sections that are fine when printing the logo – but hard to reproduce in 3D without breakage. In those cases, we often recommend an acrylic wall panel sign with die cut vinyl graphics and mounted with brushed aluminum wall standoffs.  If logo components are not a restriction, we prefer a 3D rendition of the logo and lettering flush mounted or pin-mounted directly to the wall.

Lobby Sign Materials

We offer the following material options for lobby signs starting with the least expensive:  Foam with brushed metal face, Painted PVC, Painted Acrylic, PVC or Acrylic with brushed metal face, and flat cut out aluminum with brushed finish. Foam and PVC are often mounted with simple foam tape and silicone, while the heavier materials like acrylic and aluminum are stud mounted to the wall (either flush or offset with pins/spacers).

Choosing the Ideal Lobby Sign Type and Material for Your Logo

If your logo can support the 3D format, we highly suggest it for maximum impact and professional look in your lobby, reception area or conference room.  Acrylic is usually our first choice due to the smoother sides the denser material provides vs. PVC or foam. Deciding whether to go full color using our PMS paint color matching, or black with brushed silver or gold metal face may depend upon your logo layout.  The color of the wall that the lobby sign will be mounted upon will also influence color choice. The typical light-colored office walls are ideal for black sides and brushed metal face on an acrylic or foam logo. Lobby signs are typically available in thicknesses from ¼”-1” depending upon the material choice.

Installation and Mounting Options

We are a licensed contractor and can handle your lobby sign installation using our qualified in-house install staff. Most installations take 2 hours or less and can be completed with minimal disruption to your workplace. We carry full liability and WC insurance and can supply a COI for your property management company if needed. Foam signs must be flush mounted as the material is not dense enough for threading studs into the back of the letters. Similarly – thin signs (like ¼” thick acrylic) or narrow strokes on small letters may not allow for stud mounting. In those situations, we use 3M heavy duty foam tape and 100% silicone to flush mount the sign components.  For denser materials like PVC, acrylic and aluminum – pin mounting with spacers is also an option. That method allows the letters/logo to sit off the wall slightly with a bit of a shadow beneath them. All of our installations are done with computer generated installation patterns for maximum accuracy.

Working with Our Lobby Sign Design Staff in Anaheim, CA

We have in-house Graphic Designers as well as other staff that can consult on material and mounting options. We offer logo recreation for those clients that cannot locate a vector version of their logo file, and logo design for those that have a vector logo file – but want it updated or refreshed.

Getting Started on Your Lobby Sign Project is Easy in Anaheim, CA!

The experienced signage makers at Superior Signs and Graphics proudly serve the business communities in and around Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Call us today at (714) 248-5901 to discuss your project or to schedule a design appointment! Or just stop into our Buena Park showroom to look at sign examples and touch and feel the material options. Click below for a FREE quote!

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