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Warehouse Signs and Graphics for Southern California Ripening Company!

 Feb 16, 2018

Warehouse Signs | Southern California | Orange County

Located at 341 Main Street in Riverside, Fruitripe Cold Storage & Ripening Services combines quality control inspections with value-added programs that benefit clients in the food business. The company ripens tomatoes, avocados, and mangoes as well as other produce. When the management decided that it needed warehouse signs and graphics, its representative contacted us for assistance.

Putting Together Graphics Products in a Warehouse Setting

Warehouse Safety Signs and Graphics | Southern California

Floor graphics for safety zones!

After consulting with the client, we put together a number of different graphics.

Vinyl floor decals. We created black on yellow floor graphics that spell out “Safety Zone.” These vinyl floor graphics are durable and will remain highly visible even if there is a lot of foot traffic.

Bay Door Vinyl Graphics for Warehouses in Southern California

Bay door vinyl graphics!

Loading and bay door graphics. For the bay doors, our graphic artist created cast vinyl die-cut logos that correspond to the look clients see online. They feature the corporate logo as well as the company’s name.

Warehouse Safety Station Graphics | Southern CA

Safety station graphics!

Station signage. For the hand-washing and quality control stations, our experts designed warehouse signs labeling the locales. These ensure that visitors and new employees have an easy time finding their ways around the facility. They also visually break up the wall space, which beautifies the setting.

Other Popular Warehouse Signs

It is a common misconception that business signs are something you usually find in office buildings. In reality, warehouses are big consumers of signage products for safety, wayfinding, and labeling. It starts on the outside with warehouse gate signs. These markers regulate traffic in and out of the facility, which protects pedestrians and eliminates visitor error. It also makes deliveries a lot more organized.

Warehouse Quality Control Signs | Southern California

Quality control signs!

Dock number signs ensure that loads arrive at the right bay door, where employees are standing by. Make a mistake here, and it is possible to derail an entire day of planned deliveries. Our experts suggest number signs that may consist of wall graphics with high contrast colors or printed aluminum for added durability. Post and panel signs are ideal for wayfinding on the outside. They help visitors to find the parking spaces allocated to them. Concurrently, they make it easy to find the office entrance.

Many warehouse operators prefer oversized wall graphics for signaling the locations of restrooms, offices, and meeting spaces. For racking systems, movable number products work well. To meet OSHA specifications and other safety rules, consider aluminum signage with colorful imprints. We recommend presenting the information in English and Spanish. Doing so ensures that everyone on your staff is on the same page when it comes to mandatory safety measures that your company implements.

Ordering Warehouse Signs and Graphics

Look around your warehouse. Is it easy for everyone to locate the areas that they need to find? Is your parking lot easy to navigate even for first-time visitors? Are your mandatory signage displays up to date? If you are unsure whether you meet all these tests, consider inviting us out for a site survey. We inventory your signage, make suggestions where your facility could benefit from added products and highlight areas that may be compliance problems.

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