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Los Angeles Warehousing Company Rebrands – and Needs a Superior Sign Company to Handle the Change!

 Nov 08, 2021

Flexport is a longtime Superior Signs and Graphics client. A few years ago, we helped the firm brand with 3D PVC letters we flush-mounted to the wall. Our team also handled the warehouse signs and graphics they needed. When the client called us this time, it was to discuss a Los Angeles rebranding project!

A Logo Change Sets the Tone for an Improved Brand Engagement

Los Angeles Rebranding Project and Signs

The company went through a logo change and asked our technicians to replace all the signs we had previously done to feature the new logo. You will notice that while the previous rendition of the corporate persona was in all caps, the new copy features lower case letters and an eye-grabbing red dot.

Rebranding Signs in Los Angeles

In response to this order, we fabricated a two-inch-thick foam building sign, a directional sign, and glass door lettering, all in the company’s new logo font and colors. Because the black base color changed to a dark navy blue, it continued to work perfectly with the overall look and feel of the location and its interior as well as exterior decor. 

directional post & panel signs in los angeles, ca

Of course, we used white rather than the darker color for the door letters to allow for the name to stand out. The next phase of this project is creating an updated lobby sign and interior vinyl wall lettering. Because the client elected to have this project broken down into two steps, it allows for a comprehensive approach to the branding update that first addresses customers outside and then inside. 

What is the Best Order for Installing Rebranded Signs?

vinyl lettering on glass in los angeles, ca

A rebranding can seem a little overwhelming, mainly when you are in charge of having the signs redone. Our sign shop takes on plenty of these projects in and around Orange and Los Angeles Counties. We have found that there are three easy steps for a Los Angeles rebranding.

building signs in los angeles, ca

  1. Vehicle graphics. Working from the outside in is always the best approach. We recommend beginning with making changes to your vehicles first. Because these are consistently in front of consumers, it makes sense that they should feature the new brand persona first. Depending on the changes you have made, we may just do some updates to existing wraps. 
  2. Exterior signs. The next groups of signs to change are the ones that are outside. These are the public-facing products such as building, wayfinding, and directory signs. We can change just the look of the sign or also the materials you have used. 
  3. Interior signs. The final step involves the interior signs. Examples include lobby signs, ADA-compliant signs, suite signs, and similar products. Once again, we can maintain the material selection you have picked in the past or go for a new look there, too. 

Do You Need Help with a Los Angeles Rebranding Project?

los angeles, ca building signs

Our team wants to help. Our graphic artist will gladly work with you on the creation of a new or updated brand persona. Conversely, we can also work with any specs and sketches you received from an advertising agency. Call us today to schedule an appointment and discuss the project!

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