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Custom Made-to-Fit Sneeze Guards Protect Cashiers and Customers from the Spread of COVID-19 in Orange County, CA!

 May 11, 2020

As the governor is loosening the restrictions on retailers and service providers, business owners are looking for ways to meet the reopening requirements. Cases in point are sneeze guards. Social distancing clear barriers protect employees in Orange County, CA, venues. However, you do not have to settle for an industrial look with your carefully chosen interior décor.

Clear Barriers Effectively Shield Employees and Customers

Social Distancing Clear Barriers Protect Employees in Orange County CA

Consisting of clear acrylic, sneeze guards protect consumers and workers alike from the spread of viruses and germs. Because the acrylic is completely clear, these barriers do not interfere with the day-to-day operations and positive customer interactions you have at the point of contact. For most store owners, eatery operators, and service providers, clear barriers have to combine with social distancing to meet the governor’s guidelines for reopening.

Customized Clear Barriers Fit in Perfectly with Your Branding

COVID 19 Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

The problem arises when business owners are looking for these products in the wrong places. Sure, you can find Plexiglas at the hardware store, but these sheets do very little to accommodate the brand message you have been so careful to cultivate over the years.

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards in Orange County CA

Superior Signs and Graphics offers a different approach. Our technicians are putting your needs first and provide a broad range of customizations that will make sneeze guards an excellent complement to your current reception or check counter setup.

  • Shape options. Would you prefer a round sneeze guard as opposed to a square one? If you do have a preference for the square shape, do you like rounded tops? What about the corners – do you want rounded corners or go for the sharp 90-degree angle? With our CNC router, we can cut the acrylic in any shape you like.
  • Cutouts. Some retailers – particularly convenience store operators – need pass-through cutouts at the bottom of the transparent barrier. It makes it possible for money to change hands. Moreover, the customer can pass through any papers and other items they need the clerk to have. Technicians will customize the cutout to maintain the safety of the sneeze guard without impeding business transactions.
  • Impact resistance. The typical clear barrier consists of 1/8th-inch-thick acrylic. However, if you need impact-resistant sneeze guards, we recommend the fabrication of a half-inch-thick product instead.
  • Installation options. Many business clients consider clear barriers the new normal. They ask us to mount them permanently to the base of counters and desks. However, some are requesting movable barriers that are freestanding. This is an excellent option if you plan to open varying check stands or counters during your day-to-day operations.

Social Distancing Clear Barriers Protect Employees in Orange County, CA; Superior Signs and Graphics Assists You with Compliance!

Sneeze Guard Shields for Employees in Orange County CA

Discuss your clear barrier needs with our specialists. We assist you with the design, fabrication, and installation of the product. Best of all, we are fully staffed to ensure a quick turnaround time of your order. You can be confident that these barriers look chic, fit in perfectly with your décor, and have all the pizzazz you need. Call us today to place your order!

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