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Wall Graphics, Lettering, and Decals for Commercial Spaces in Long Beach, CA!

 May 25, 2021

Relativity Space has secured a 120,000-square-foot space for its operations. Located at 3500 East Burnett, the company is building an autonomous rocket factory that will speed up production and eradicate the need for fixed tooling. Because a facility with an ambitious mission such as this one needs to look the part, the management team invited our sign shop to put together wall graphics, lettering, and decals in Long Beach, CA for commercial spaces!

Warehouse Vinyl Wall Lettering Adds Pizzazz to the Aerospace Company’s Venue

wall graphics and lettering in anaheim, ca

The client is using several symbols as part of its sales collateral and brand message. Our technicians replicated these products and imprinted them on high-quality vinyl. Next, we die-cut the images and installed them at the location. Notice that they have a well-defined display height in the facility’s hallway.

warehouse wall graphics in santa ana, ca

In addition, we fabricated vinyl letters in the same custom black color that we mounted above the various stations they categorize. They now identify the Met and Quality Labs. In addition to creating a visually attractive presentation in the warehouse setting, the lettering assists with wayfinding for visitors to the location.

Warehouse Wall Graphics Transform Functional Spaces

Wall graphics lettering, and decals in Long Beach CA

Warehouses typically have large walls and very little in the form of eye candy. Because the spaces are functional, it makes sense that wall décor is not an immediate concern. However, there are creative ways of using the wall spaces to inspire and brand.

commercial wall decals and lettering in santa ana, ca

  • Warehouse wall murals. Showcase your company’s corporate persona against the backdrop of the local scenery. These sizable murals look great, are excellent for companies doing business in various cities or states, and allow for a larger-than-life depiction of your corporate logo. These walls make perfect backdrops for news releases and staff meetings.
  • Timeline wall graphics. Use the large walls to tell your company’s story. Incorporate images from the early beginnings, and do not be shy about adding architect’s drawings of future locations. Combine these images with your company’s vision statement. Our technicians can create this type of presentation with murals or wall graphics. Consider placing it on the wall leading to the employee lounge or training room.
  • Warehouse rules and word walls. Other sets of favorite displays are word walls. Combine them with the warehouse rules to inspire workers and help them focus on what sets your company apart from others in the same field. Consider putting up multiple copies of these word walls all around the space where empty walls are available. Besides that, we can fabricate this product in the form of a banner that goes around the upper portion of the facility’s wall space.

Superior Signs and Graphics Helps Design Wall Graphics, Lettering, and Decals for Commercial Spaces in Long Beach, CA

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Are you ready to add some pizzazz to a space that is purely functional at this point? Are you thinking of hosting walking tours and want to spruce up the place? We can assist with graphics that will look great in your location and take advantage of your brand message. Call us today to discuss the project!

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