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Cost Effective Delivery Truck Wraps in Orange County Help You Get Noticed!

 Jan 26, 2016

The Hoffmeyer Company has been around for almost 100 years. What used to be a go-to location for belting is now a nationwide supplier of industrial rubber goods as well as motor equipment and hose fittings. Like so many other industrial equipment suppliers, Hoffmeyer is well aware of the power that mobile marketing brings to the business that uses it.

Cost effective fleet truck graphics Orange County CA

Fleet decals and graphics a great way to brand!

Unfortunately, they have had a bad experience with a prior vinyl graphics installer. That shop was able to create great graphics but could not get them to stick on the company’s truck. Whenever those folks tried to install the graphics, they did not turn out right and most certainly did not fulfill the promise of a five-year display on the vehicle.

This was when the company’s management team contacted our shop to discuss having us do some cost effective fleet truck graphics. In Orange County, CA, we have a long-standing reputation for being among the best in the business for vehicle wraps and graphics of all kinds.

3M Preferred Graphics Installer Superior Signs and Graphics to the Rescue

Fleet truck lettering Orange County

Truck lettering sells your message!

Our vinyl graphics installer has undergone the rigorous 3M wrap training and has passed the 3M certification test. To say that we know how to install these products at an expert level is a fair assessment. When we met with the client, we immediately noticed that the former sign shop used the wrong materials and made serious errors during the installation process. No wonder the decals did not stay on the vehicle!

We recreated the graphics on 3M’s calendared vinyl according to the client’s specifications. Next, we installed them on the truck bed as indicated. When you look at the truck, you will notice that there are some curves and contours along that area, which make the installation more challenging. Of course, our advanced 3M training has prepared us for these situations. Rather than try to muscle the graphics into place, we reduced the tension of the vinyl, which made the installation over the truck body’s indentations possible. Now, the images stay in place and do not recoil and lift.

Fleet truck decals and graphics Orange County CA

Fleet decals advertise 24/7!

Why it Makes Sense to Find 3M Preferred Graphics Installers in Orange County, CA

Since the popularity of vinyl vehicle graphics has significantly increased, more and more sign shops are now offering this service to business customers. Unfortunately, installing the material is a lot more complicated than they realize.

  • Specialized materials. Not every vinyl wrap product is created equal. Using high-quality raw materials greatly enhances the success of the installation. Although it costs a little more at the onset, it does provide the client with the desired finished product.
  • Installation errors. Working with vinyl is as much of an art as it is science. Knowing how the material performs and working with it, rather than against it, ensures success. 3M training succeeds in teaching installers how to do just that.
  • Untrained staff. Someone may be a gifted graphic artist but clueless when it comes to the installation portion of the vehicle decals. Our installers are thoroughly trained in all aspects of vehicle prep and vinyl installation. It makes sense to work with experts in the field to get the job done right the first time.

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