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Best Fleet Graphics for Contractors in Orange County CA

 Jan 17, 2016

Located at 1219 South State College Boulevard in Fullerton, Albert Air is a heating and air conditioning contractor business that is staffed with NATE-certified experts. When the family-run business needed Ford Transit van graphics in Orange County, CA, the management team contacted us. You see, we previously created graphics for their GMC vehicles that we matched to the fleet graphics of their existing treated vehicles. Those vehicles now fit in seamlessly with the rest of the fleet.

Fleet Graphics for Contractors in Orange County

A look at their Ford Transit van graphics!

Their new Ford Transit van obviously does not share the GMC vehicles’ sizing or designs. As a result, we needed to adjust the graphics to suit the make and model of this vehicle. For instance, the recessed areas where the windows would be located are much larger than on the other vans. Our technicians enlarged the graphics to cover the area for a proportionate display that matches the GMC models. The new Ford now takes its place in the fleet of Albert Air with a matching name, logo and contact information display.

Treating a Fleet of Diverse Vehicles

When you envision a fleet of vehicles, you usually think of cars or trucks that are identical with respect to make and model. Nothing could be further from the truth. For smaller businesses, fleets usually consist of automobiles that may have different model years, manufacturers and even sizes. Looking for great deals when shopping for vans and trucks, these companies do not worry about having a perfectly matched fleet. The fleets of large businesses typically contain vehicles that fulfill a variety of functions. Once again, makes and models differ.

Fleet Van Graphics Orange County CA

Matching graphics on their GMC vans!

Even so, each fleet vehicle needs to present the consumer with an identical look. Since the goal of contractor graphics is the creation of brand and product awareness as well as name recognition, a failure to show off the optimized display on each make and model will not yield the desired results. On the other hand, a successful graphics setup that is similar on every car, truck or van offers the opportunity to introduce the company’s message to the consumer or reinforce the message with repeated displays. For this reason, our technicians adapt the graphics to suit the contours and dimensions of each vehicle. While we may have to enlarge some and shrink others, the finished look is the same from truck to van and so on.

Discussing Your Graphics Project with an Expert

Ford Transit vehicle graphics Orange County CA

A look at the rear of the Ford Transit van!

Whether you need the first set of fleet graphics for contractors in Orange County, CA, or you need graphics that let your latest vehicle acquisitions fit right into the pool of your other trucks or vans, we can help. Contact our experts to discuss the look that you envision. Bring along your artwork if you already have fleet graphics. Even if another designer created them, or if you ordered the original graphics online from a print shop, we are confident that we can match the artwork and the colors.

Custom vinyl graphics for Ford Transit Vans in Orange County CA

Looking for fleet graphics?

Contact us today to learn more about the options open to you. Whether you are starting out, need perfect color matches or are going through a rebranding, we can help to optimize the appearance of your fleet vehicles.

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