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Custom Lobby Signs for Property Management Firms in Fullerton CA

 Jan 25, 2016

Located at 285 East Imperial Highway in Suite 201, AE Builder helps you to buy or sell your home, rent out properties or deal with investors. When this company needed the right lobby signage product that would brand its approach while marketing its company, the management team contacted our professionals. After consulting with the team, we designed, manufactured and installed a foam lobby sign that brings some depth to the wall. Covering it with brushed brass rather than paint, the company shows off its value-added service menu philosophy.

Lobby Signs for Property Management Companies in Fullerton, CA

Lobby Signs for Property Managers in Fullerton CA

Foam with brushed gold facing is striking!

A property management company is the professional outfit that provides building owners with cash flow and tenants with convenience. As such, it pays to present your business with a no-nonsense attitude. Achieving this feat does not have to be complicated. Metal or metal laminates are ideal for communicating the value your services bring to the table for the client.

It goes further. The combination of the laminate and foam substrate creates a three-dimensional display. Lit from the side, it creates a slight shadow play on the eggshell white wall that the marker is mounted to. Shadows visually inflate the size of a sign, which results in a formidable display of your brand right in the lobby. As visitors take in your signage presentation, they also take in the optical illusion.

Sign Innovation is the New Name of the Game

Custom lobby signs Fullerton CA

Dimensional letters offer a 3D effect

Property management companies and other businesses are now going for the gusto with their lobby markers.

  • Dimensional letters. Choose from foam, metal or acrylic to put together a wall display of your business’ name and logo. Larger letters allow for increased spatial use of the wall surfaces, which can make a solid statement of competence.
  • Acrylic boards. To bring artistic innovation and creativity into the mix, consider the use of acrylic boards with mounted dimensional letters. Lit from behind with LEDs, these kinds of signs are getting quite popular among companies run by a new generation of property management professionals.
  • Wall murals. Imagine the use of a focal wall for artwork. You do not just use any images but those that relate specifically to your niche. Next, you integrate the look of your logo and company name seamlessly into the montage. This is the kind of display that brings a huge wow factor to your office.
  • Routed metal boards. Choosing aluminum with an artistically painted letter presentation quickly turns your focal wall into a work of art. For the business that specializes in the personal touch for the property owner with smaller venues, this can be a confidence-inspiring display. After all, the large companies frequently overlook this consumer group.

Custom Lobby Signs for Property Managers in Orange County CA

If you are inspired to think through a fresh approach when discussing lobby signs for property management companies in Fullerton, CA, with our experts, let us prepare some sketches that show you innovative products. See them the same way a first-time visitor to your office would take them in. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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