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Wall Graphics and Wraps for Convenience Stores In Orange County Help Sell More Drinks and Snacks!

 Jun 17, 2024

Did you know that wall graphics and wraps for convenience stores in Orange County, CA (and nearby L.A. County) boost product sales? Which marketing strategies persuade more convenience store owners to purchase custom-designed wall wraps?

custom designed wall wraps and murals for convenience stores in orange county, ca

Case Study: Thrifty Gas

Located at 2811 West Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim, Thrifty Gas is known for its low-cost gasoline and tasty snacks. It is an independent retailer that pairs gasoline with snack shops at each location. The client connected with us when the Anaheim facility needed wall graphics to boost sales. We recommended a bold color word wall design, which the client loved. It gets attention, looks great, and is durable for years to come. 

wall graphics and wraps for convenience stores in orange county, ca

A Closer Look at Successful Convenience Store Wall Graphics

Wall graphics attract customers’ eyes. Bright, colorful images and appealing designs catch shoppers’ attention, making them more likely to notice and purchase the highlighted products. In the process, these images establish an atmosphere within the store, which makes the shopping experience more enjoyable. In this case, the graphics connect refueling the car with the driver’s taking a break and enjoying a snack and drink.

Some clients have had excellent success with strategically placed graphics that guide customers through the store, leading them toward high-margin items like snacks and drinks. Visual cues can subtly influence the path shoppers take, increasing the likelihood that they pass by and purchase these products. When advertising with graphics, they showcase products in an appealing way, which makes them look more desirable. Images of cold, refreshing beverages or tasty snacks prompt impulse buys.

gas station snack shop wall graphics in orange county, ca

Other Uses for Vinyl Graphics in the Convenience Store Setting

Wall graphics highlight promotions, discounts, and special offers. Window graphics underscore the presence of a kiosk doing business inside the location. Bold, eye-catching visuals draw attention to deals and encourage customers to take advantage of these offers. Moreover, branded graphics reinforce brand recognition and loyalty. Familiar logos and imagery remind shoppers of their favorite brands and encourage repeat purchases.

Contemporary window and wall graphics frequently incorporate interactive elements, such as QR codes for digital coupons. These interactive features engage customers more deeply and encourage purchases. It is fair to say that wall graphics and wraps for convenience stores are excellent brand-building and advertising tools. What could you do at your location with these images? Call us today to find out!

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