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Retail Kiosk Signs for Buena Park Money Transfer Company Bring in More Customer Traffic!

 Jan 05, 2018

Ria Money Transfer operates its local headquarters in Buena Park. When the business’ management team initially contacted Superior Signs and Graphics, its representative requested a retail makeover for a location needing building, pylon, and lobby signs alongside window and wall graphics. When the client contacted us this time, the team asked for kiosk signs in Buena Park, CA.

Retail Kiosk Takes the Brand to the Consumer

In-Store Acrylic Retail Kiosk Signs | Buena Park CA

In-store kiosks a great way to co-brand!

Ria partnered with Rio Ranch Markets to open retail kiosks in its locations. These supermarkets combine a brand variety with convenience for the shopper. Having the Ria Money Transfer kiosk right there works great for everyone. To make the presence of the brand visible, we designed new quarter-inch-thick acrylic panel signage.

Previously, the kiosks displayed a different name. For this reason, we ensured that we scrubbed the other brand’s presence altogether. Next, we created a second surface presentation because the glossy appearance looks contemporary and stands out. Our technicians mounted the three-foot by ten-foot panels with brushed aluminum wall standoffs. Now, the orange, white, and blue colors of the Ria brand signal the availability of the money transfer service to shoppers across the store.

Co-Branding and Co-Marketing with Signage

Acrylic and Graphic Panel Signs | Buena Park CA

These acrylic panels with graphic overlays catch the eyes of consumers!

How often have you stood in line at the grocery store and noticed that there are other companies doing business at the location? You also see it in different retail settings now. Case in point is the veterinary services provider who meets patients at pet supply stores. Because these larger locations have a great draw, it is vital to ensure that your brand stands out.

Putting together kiosk signage is an excellent step in that direction. Large panels that present your corporate palette and brand messages are ideally suited for catching the eye of passersby and shoppers. In the process, you educate the larger store’s customers about your services. However, did you know that there are additional signage options open to you?

Vinyl Graphics for Retail Kiosk Signs | Buena Park CA

Ready to update your retail kiosk with graphics?

Examples Abound!

  • Flags. On the outside, their movement attracts the eye of the shopper. On the inside, the fabric is sufficiently different from other signage to get attention.
  • Retractable banner stands with banners. Educate shoppers with the signage you might still have left over from the last trade show or expo you attended. Retractable banner stands store quickly, and the banners look great.
  • Vinyl banners. Hang the banner above the aisles to attract attention in this manner. Doing so allows you to go bigger.
  • Floor graphics. These images are durable and offer a great way to display your company’s colors and messages.

What Could You Do with Custom Kiosk Signs in Buena Park, CA?

If you are currently operating mall kiosks or in-store businesses, do you have the right signage in place? Do shoppers build name recognition and form brand awareness as well as product knowledge? If you are unsure, invite our experts out for a site survey.

We take a look at your setup and help you to decide if you need to upgrade your signage. We proudly serve the business communities in and around Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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