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See Through Window Graphics and Backlit Sign Graphics Advertise for Money Transfer Company in Los Angeles!

 Mar 20, 2019

See Through Window Graphics | Backlit Signs | Los Angeles CA

Over the last couple of weeks, we completed advertising signage at several agent stores for the Ria brand. Just recently, we did see-through window graphics for another location. This one is a San Fernando Valley store featuring the Afex name. Here is how we upgraded the look of this location to be in line with Ria’s branding.

Adding Window Graphics and Backlit Sign Graphics for the L.A. Market

See through window graphics | Los Angeles CA

Add brand building see-through window graphics!

We worked with the client to put together the signage combination. Because this is an agent store, it is essential that it features Ria’s prominent signage to drive foot traffic to the location. Similarly, we upgraded the building sign to give the façade a new look. The old backlit sign had faded.

Therefore, our team replaced it’s facing with fresh Afex graphics while adding the perforated vinyl graphics to the windows and glass door panels. Agents appreciate the fact that the window graphics allow sunlight to flood the location while removing some of the heat that used to come through. Now, the combination of the upgraded building sign graphic combined with the window images catches the attention of passersby.

Co-Branding Offers Advantages to Retailers and Service Providers

Backlit Cabinet Sign Refacing Graphics | Los Angeles CA

It’s easy to replace graphics on a backlit sign!

Why would your business feature another company’s corporate details on windows, doors, and other marketing materials? The answer is simple: to boost foot traffic. Today’s consumer is in search of convenience. When a shopper has the option of combining multiple tasks, it might persuade this consumer to do business with you rather than a competitor down the block.

Coffee shops in the Southland pioneered this concept more than a decade ago when they opened up inside other venues. When shoppers knew that they could buy groceries and get a hot latte to go, they adjusted their shopping habits. By extension, it is possible to advertise secondary services at your location in this manner.

Many pet supply stores now feature monthly veterinarian visits. By co-branding with a specific clinic, the storefront boosts foot traffic and advertises the services of the vet. Co-branding is all about offering the customer the convenience of completing multiple tasks at once. Similarly, it is about providing various popular brands.

Choosing the Right Advertising Products

Backlit sign refacing and window graphics | Los Angeles CA

Ready for a new look for your storefront?

Take a page from the playbook of Ria and invest in see-through window graphics. They look attractive, catch the attention of passersby, and succeed in answering questions that consumers may have. Of course, there are also other signage options.

  • Floor graphics. Capitalize on the fact that so many people are now looking down. Feature colorful graphics against the single-tone floor surface. They could lead to the location where you display the desirable products.
  • Point of purchase signs. Attach these signs to the shelves where you stock the most popular products. Introduce secondary brands or highlight the availability of other products from a particular manufacturer.
  • Banners. These signs always catch the attention of passersby. Frequently, they signal temporary sales. In this case, they could hang inside your store or outside.

Learn more about your options today by discussing your next signage purchase with our brand experts.

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