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Wall Graphics and Murals for UC Riverside Brand Mail Center and Student Store!

 Jun 27, 2022

Earlier this year, we talked about the new facility signs our shop did for UC Riverside and how we got invited to do the project in the first place. The client was so happy with the work that they asked us to return for a project involving additional wall graphics and murals for schools.

wall graphics and murals for schools

Interior Vinyl Wall Graphics and Lettering Create an Attractive Environment

The custom wall graphics we did are for the interior of the mail center. Now, lettering underscores the brand message the store cultivates. It displays in the custom blue color that the school is known for. By the way, check out the other wall that features the brand message. It shows the same statement, but this one is in white. 

custom wall graphics in riverside ca

Besides that, we designed, fabricated, and installed a rendition of the school’s mascot with its letters near the entrance of the student bookstore. It sets the tone for the shopping experience and might even get customers interested in buying some branded merchandise. The wall letters and mural add to the overall atmosphere of the campus and offer a budget-friendly way of giving spaces a “finished” appeal.

custom wall graphics and wraps

Tying Together Your Interior Decor with Vinyl Wall Graphics

Despite there being a variety of elements that go into your location’s interior decor, you want the finished presentation to be one of a cohesive space. Revisiting the same tone or color repeatedly is a common technique used by decorators. At home, you might use pillows and wall art. In the office or store, you can use vinyl wall graphics, letters, or murals

Besides that, featuring a repetitive color palette or font serves the purpose of creating a framework. Doing so is of particular interest when you are in a retail environment, and you have frequently changing display structures and products. In this way, our shop can help you bring consistency to your store or another locale. 

custom wall graphics for schools

A Welcoming Atmosphere Boosts Customers’ Willingness to Stay and Shop

In the healthcare field, managers of clinics and offices already know that soothing colors and wall wraps can put patients at ease. In the school setting, administrations rely on vinyl to create encouraging messages and visually attractive displays. At the university, images and colors are an ideal way of greeting new and returning learners as well as their guests. In a retail environment, the colors and shapes reinforce the brand story.

wall wraps and graphics for schools in riverside ca

Choosing Your Next Set of Wall Graphics and Murals for Schools

You have seen the work we did for CSUF and UCR. You may have also seen some of the window graphics we have done for high schools in the area. Envision your campus. What could we do to change the way students interact with your brand? Do you have an athletic field that could benefit from some home-field beautification? Does your parking lot lack the school colors?

Talk to our graphic artist to learn more about the transformation your location could undergo with just a few budget-friendly vinyl letters or graphics. Call today!

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