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Wall Graphics and 3D Lettering Brand Office Space in Cerritos, CA!

 Jun 06, 2022

When GWI/Ingredients Online relocated, Superior Signs and Graphics helped this established client with a variety of services that included uninstalling and reinstalling existing signs as well as putting together new products. Another project we took on later was the creation of office wall graphics. This client invited our team to come out and fabricate vinyl wall graphics with 3D lettering in Cerritos, CA.

wall murals with 3D lettering in cerritos, ca

Transforming a Blue Wall into a Strong Brand Message

Inside the office where customer service representatives are seated, the client has a focal wall that is painted blue. It is a darker tone, which creates an attractive spatial separation of the call center portion from other offices at that location. When discussing the project with the client, we learned that they were looking for the introduction of a new logo.

Our specialists worked up the specs, and the client approved the design. Because they wanted the lettering to pop, we proposed combining vinyl wall graphics with three-dimensional letters. Technicians produced the letters spelling out “Sourcing” with one-inch-thick PVC. The new logo, as well as the other words, are made up of die-cut vinyl. 

custom wall murals and 3D lettering in cerritos, ca

The combination of the white on blue style elements is visually stunning. Moreover, the integration of 3D letters with vinyl lettering and graphics stands out in all the right ways. It immediately draws the eye to this aspect of the message. We will work with the client in the future on redoing building signs to feature the new logo.

Mixed Media Signage is a Growing Trend

If you look through our gallery of signage projects, you undoubtedly notice that mixed media signs are gaining popularity. These are the types of products that combine multiple materials or manufacturing techniques. In this case, we combined vinyl and PVC letters. One creates a 3D presentation, while the other integrates with the backdrop. Another example would be the combination of acrylic logo boards with metal letters. 

Wall Murals in Cerritos, ca

In other cases, we might combine a polished metal board with brushed metal letters. Although these are the same materials, the manufacturing technique is different. It creates an exciting contrast that draws eyes to the signage. These sign designs work well for all types of products, such as building signs, lobby signs, or wall murals. 

vinyl wall graphics with 3D lettering in Cerritos CA

Look around your office space. Does it communicate your brand message? Are there elements that grab visitors’ attention? If not, something as quick to put together as the vinyl wall graphics with 3D lettering in Cerritos, CA, could be precisely what you need. It is a budget-friendly opportunity to underscore specific elements of your message.

wall graphics and 3D lettering in cerritos, ca

The combination of 3D and vinyl letters is an excellent way to immediately transform the look of a wall and the vibe of a space. However, you might also consider featuring a 3D rendition of your logo in a prominent space such as a conference room, waiting area, or employee lounge. In addition to the great presentation, it checks all the boxes when it comes to brand building. 

Find out more about different options. Superior Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Orange County and Los Angeles County. Contact us today for a free quote!

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