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Segerstrom High School Weight Room Gets Vinyl Wall Graphics to Motivate Athletes in Santa Ana, CA!

 Nov 02, 2021

Segerstrom High School is a returning client. You may remember earlier this year when we did some signs and graphics for the high school athletics department in Santa Ana. At that time, our technicians handled a graphics wrap replacement. We discussed with the client the possibility of coming back for high school weight room wall graphics in Orange County, CA. Well, recently, we went back to treat this space.

Motivating Student-Athletes Gives Them a Taste of the Big Leagues

Weight room wall graphics in Orange County CA

It is interesting how we got to work on Segerstrom’s weight room. The school’s athletic director referred us to Santa Ana High School after handling Segerstrom’s press box. The Santa Ana High School athletic director loved the finished look and recommended us to the athletic director at Bolsa Grande High School. There, the Segerstrom High School athletic director saw the graphics in the weight room and wanted something similar. He understood the importance of weight room wall graphics in Orange County, CA.

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Superior Signs and Graphics was happy to comply! We worked on a design that included vector art and logos. Our technicians incorporated the school’s mascot and color palette. It took about 88 linear feet of imprinted vinyl to treat the weight room and give it the look and feel of a professional team’s setup. Because vinyl is a good-quality product, it will clean up quickly if there are any spills, which is critical in a school environment.

Why Do Schools Love to Use Vinyl Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics for weight rooms in Orange County CA

Perhaps the most significant selling point is the price. Vinyl wall graphics and wall wraps are much less expensive than acrylic or metal signs. As a result, they allow schools to treat large surfaces and rooms without breaking the budget. That said, there are other reasons as well.

custom designed weight room wall graphics in Orange County CA

Long or short-term displays. Whether the school needs a unique look for homecoming, harvest festivals, or wants something more long-term such as weight room graphics, there is a vinyl that is ideally suited for the display. Because you can make this differentiation, you can have customized short-term graphics and still stay within budget.

vinyl wall murals in santa ana ca

Durability. We have already touched on the fact that cleanup of a spill on a wall treated with vinyl is easy. That said, there is still more to it. The walls are pretty much maintenance-free, which makes them excellent solutions for busy hallways and rooms. If you had just painted the walls, you would most likely have to clean them frequently.

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Product protection. Another advantage that endears this material to schools is that we can add laminates to protect your investment. The most popular choice is an anti-graffiti laminate. Cleanup is possible if someone accidentally scribbles on the wall, and you will not have a defaced look.

Ready to Buy Wall Graphics for Your School?

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Whether you need kindergarten playground murals, elementary school door wraps, middle school floor graphics, or high school weight room vinyl wall graphics in Orange County, CA, Superior Signs and Graphics can help. We work with your designs and can work around even the most challenging spots at your location. Contact us today by dialing (714) 248-5901 now!

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