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Eye-Popping Wall Graphics Motivate Orange County, CA High School Football Team Daily!

 Jun 20, 2022

The last time we visited Orange Lutheran High School, a long-time client, our team designed, produced, and installed wall graphics and murals for the welcome center. Now the client asked us to take on another project: high school athletics wall graphics in Orange County, CA.

High School Athletics Wall Graphics in Orange County CA


Championship-Winning Team Overhauls the Locker Room Atmosphere

Did you know that the school has a relatively new football coach who inspired the team to win the League Championship in 2021, which was his first year there? After seeing our work for the Athletics Department with hallways and similar wall murals, he asked us to transform the team’s locker room into the “best looking locker room in the County.” Could we do it? You bet!

Football Locker Room Wall Wraps in Orange County CA

High School Locker Room Wall Graphics and Murals for High-Impact Motivation

Although we were already familiar with the overall setup of the locker room, we returned to take measurements and determine surfaces that would be ideally suited for inclusion in the graphics project. Next, our graphic artist designed a look that combines football locker room wall wraps with high school locker room wall graphics. Concurrently, we factored in the vinyl we would have to use for the different wall surfaces.

A case in point is the large back wall, which consists of bricks. Using high-tack cast vinyl and targeted prep work ensured perfect adhesion. The end caps of the lockers feature full graphic wraps that emphasize Proverbs 3:6, a guiding scripture for this Christian school’s football team. For walls that do not have high visibility from inside the locker room, we put together wraps emphasizing the color palette and logo display.

The finished project achieves its goal. This is a great-looking locker room, and you will be hard-pressed to find its equal among Orange County high schools. Similarly, it motivates the student-athletes to not just grow as football players but also as individuals with focus terms such as “Strong” and “Accountability.” The administration and coach loved how the locker transformed into a space of encouragement, motivation, and dedication to excellence!

Focusing Attention on Student-Athletes is Critical

Student-athletes are in an excellent position to leverage their abilities and turn them into scholarships to colleges after graduation. Besides that, they are highly visible representations of your school, its philosophy, sportsmanship, and ability to inspire students to excellence. Orange Lutheran High School recognizes that the atmosphere of the space where football players change is just as important as other aspects of their motivation.

custom football locker room graphics in orange county, ca


Moreover, these graphics work well with wall wraps, window graphics, and other signage components that are already in place. Integrating additional graphics products with pre-existing images is a specialty of our team. With fully customized high school athletics wall graphics in Orange County, CA, you can do something similar without busting your budget. We will show you the specs before you make a buying decision, which helps you see just how far-reaching the spatial transformation can be.

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