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The Giving Days Foundation Pops Old Vehicle With Van Decals and Lettering

 Oct 14, 2014
Van decals and lettering Orange County

Build awareness with van decals and lettering!

It is a common misconception that the addition of the van decals and lettering Orange County consumers are so familiar with is only wise if the vehicle is new or has a shiny paint job. While it is true that the installation of a full vinyl wrap requires a paint job that is in basically good shape, decals and vehicle vinyl lettering for Orange County businesses or organizations does not have to follow the same rules.

Case in point is the Giving Days Foundation. This non-profit organization needed to get the word out about its thrift store program that allows you to turn your garage full of stuff into a tax deduction while also helping someone else. The group decided on non-profit van decals and lettering. Orange County faith communities, volunteer organizations and other groups have long been familiar with the power of the mobile billboard, which is in effect the vehicle used by the organization. Driving around local neighborhoods in a van featuring letters and decals increases name recognition and heightens awareness of the work the group does. This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got the call.

Nonprofit van decals and lettering Orange County

Noticeable and attention-getting!

Spruce Up Company Vehicles with Van Decals and Lettering

Although the van owned by the Giving Days Foundation is a bit older and the paintjob is not as shiny and new as it could be, it was still in good enough shape to allow us the installation of the lettering. We placed the organization’s name and logo at the top. Below, we added the tag line in red, which generates interest as it talks about turning trash into cash. Below, the information it gives highlights the programs that the foundation supports. At the bottom, motorists and pedestrians see the website address. This information is repeated on the back of the vehicle as well.

Now, when the van rolls through the streets, it creates awareness of the organization it serves. What does your vehicle say about your non-profit organization? Decals do not have to be expensive to be effective. We have already dispelled the myth that you need to have a late-model vehicle with a great paintjob. We now want to tackle the misconception that decals and/or lettering require you to dig deep into your coffers. This is simply not true. While a full wrap is an expense that many organizations have nevertheless realized they can find the money for, the affordability of lettering is the answer for those whose budgets are tighter.

Vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics Orange County

Easy to see and read from all sides!

Great Awareness Tool for Nonprofits!

We can add as much (or as little) verbiage as you like. At the bare minimum, we recommend adding the name of your group, its logo and basic contact information. Usually, this includes a website or a phone number – sometimes both. Some groups like to advertise their presence on a variety of social media platforms. This is usually the case when they are very active online and do a lot of fundraising and networking via Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Other groups have found it useful to display regularly occurring events. Churches might add their times of Sunday worship while animal shelters may highlight adoption events at which they regularly participate.

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