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One-Stop Guide to Window Graphics and Wraps in Orange County CA

 Feb 16, 2014
Orange County vehicle wraps and graphics

Build your brand with Orange County vehicle wraps!

Are you an entrepreneur with a brand-new start-up opening its doors in Orange County? Perhaps you run a small business with just a few employees. Then again, you may be the freelancer who works from home and serves a very distinct niche of clients or customers. What do all of these scenarios have in common? The answer is simple: Each one of these examples represents a business owner who could benefit from more exposure to gain a new crop of customers.
Surprisingly, the small business owner frequently believes that certain advertising methods are reserved solely for the “big guys” who are already well established in their niches. Examples of these marketing techniques include Orange County vehicle graphics. It is tough to start a new company in Orange County. Vehicle wraps can help give the business the visibility it needs to stay competitive and grow rapidly, which generates the cash flow needed to keep the doors open.

Orange County vehicle graphics and wraps

Get up to 70,000 visual views in one day!

What keeps small business owners from adding wraps to their marketing messages? Frequently they fear the cost. Although much cheaper than a good paint job, these wraps are amazing example of the juncture that art, advertising science and technical expertise represent. At Superior Signs and Graphics, we routinely wrap vehicles of entrepreneurs who may only have one or – at the most – three vehicles in their fleets.
What do these small business owners know that others have not yet found out?

  • There is a wrap for any budget. Whether you choose the full vehicle wrap with the window perforation or the partial wrap with the decals and lettering, you get an undeniable benefit from your ad-carrying vehicle. Although the full wrap is certain to yield the most favorable results, partial wraps and even lettering and decals do also offer irrefutable advantages over the vehicles of business owners and operators who neglect to use their car doors and hoods as ad spaces.
  • There is a wrap for any business. It does not matter if your drive a food truck, deliver your finished tax returns to clients or act as a traveling notary public. There is a wrap that suits the unique nature of your particular business and niche. Use the graphics to declare your business to the world – and let folks in search of a niche service or product know where they can find it.
  • More bang for the buck. Studies have proven that – dollar for dollar – you get cheaper impressions out of a wrapped car than any other advertising medium. With roughly 70,000 visual impressions on any given day, you spend less on the wrap than you would on a network television ad. Even if you reach many consumers after spending a small kingdom’s ransom on TV advertising, you still get a very low return on investment. In addition, once the spot has aired, you are back at the beginning. A wrap lasts for about five years. This means nonstop advertising for one low price.
Vehicle wraps and graphics Orange County

We have a solution for every budget!

Remember also that vehicle graphics have the power to tie in to your other ad campaigns. If you have a small storefront, your wrapped vehicle can be a very effective store sign when parked nearby. Make your logo and company name a household name this week! Contact us today for a free quote.

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