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Signs and Graphics for Schools and Universities in Los Angeles, CA!

 Feb 26, 2024

Over the years, we have done a lot of work for Compton College. Examples include commercial truck wraps, monument sign refurbishing, and 3D acrylic letters for its Holifield Library. When the administration invited us to return this time, they requested vinyl graphics for schools in Los Angeles, CA, to enhance students’ experiences using the parking areas.

parking kiosk map decals in compton, ca

Parking Kiosk Map Decals

The client has five parking kiosks around the campus. While conveniently located, these kiosks are not clearly identified as pay locations. Therefore, the administration asked us to design, produce, and install large decals for both sides of each kiosk to assist with the wayfinding. In addition, these decals had to be easily readable from a distance to make it even easier for students to locate them.

Our graphic artist responded by designing a decal that features red and white halves. The top half displays white lettering to identify the kiosk’s function, while the bottom half of the decal identifies other pay stations relative to the location. The finished product mounted perfectly to the kiosk’s sides. Now, anyone using the college’s parking spots knows precisely where to go and pay. It was a budget-friendly way to handle a big parking problem at the location.

vinyl graphics for schools in los angeles, ca

Vinyl Graphics for Locations with Specified Parking Rules

In L.A. and neighboring Orange County, parking is at a premium for commercial locations. Not surprisingly, any business that offers stalls or a lot to its customers wants to ensure that these parking opportunities benefit only those doing business there. Our shop has put together a broad range of parking signage for a wide variety of companies.

  • Medical office parking. We did some work for the MemorialCare Medical Group. The clinic’s administration alerted the property management company that patients had difficulty finding parking because their spaces were taken by drivers doing business nearby. The client responded by having us create custom parking signs that identify the client and warn drivers that these spaces are reserved.
  • Convention Center parking garage. Another project took us to the Anaheim Convention Center, where the client was redoing the customer-facing elements of the facility. Our team delivered four signage panels. It is noteworthy that one of them measures 48 feet in length! These signage solutions greet visitors, identify the location, and assist drivers with parking.
  • Warehouse parking lot signage. Safety is a significant element for warehouse properties. Many vehicles come and go. Visitors to the location quickly get confused, and the client asked us to put together no-parking and video surveillance signs. These products take the guesswork out of where to leave your car. Besides that, they meet the surveillance notification requirements. 

signs and graphics for colleges and universities in los angeles, ca

We Fully Customize School and Parking Signage Solutions

Do you need vinyl graphics for schools in Los Angeles, CA? Perhaps you have a parking lot where you would like to boost the customer experience. We can assist you with these types of projects and more. Call us today!

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