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Monument Sign Refurbishing in Los Angeles Makes Old Signs Look Like New!

 Jan 23, 2023

Monument sign refurbishing in Los Angeles, CA, would be the last aspect of the Compton College signage project we did. You may remember that we had done an athletics passenger van wrap, commercial truck wraps, pole banners to welcome students, and long-lasting 3D building lettering. For this project, we include some before and after photos to show the dramatic change in display.

new sign faces and paint for monument signs in los angeles, ca

Converting Three Monument Signs to LED Technology

compton college monument sign before refurbishing

Back in the day, standard lightbulbs were the height of illumination technology for monument signs. However, this setup had its problems. The bulbs’ heat tended to yellow the acrylic or polycarbonate sheets placed over them. Moreover, the continued heating and cooling would cause the material to become brittle.

monument sign led conversions in los angeles, ca

Besides these issues, there were frequent burnouts that required replacement bulbs. Finally, illuminating a monument sign with lightbulbs was expensive. On the other side of the equation are LEDs. They give off no heat, last a very long time, and are inexpensive to operate – even around the clock. Retrofitting clearly makes sense to clients.

Upgrading Technology and the Looks of the Signage

compton monument sign before

In addition to retrofitting the existing monument signs to use LEDs for illumination, we also focused on some cosmetic issues. 

  • Missing end caps. Look closely, and you will notice that some of the signs were missing some pieces. They had broken off a while ago and not gotten replaced. Since we were working on the retrofit, we also ordered the missing parts for the end caps.
  • Repainting the monument structures. Weathering and the scratches associated with typical time in a landscape needed some attention. Repainting is an excellent way to make a monument sign look new during refurbishing.
  • New acrylic panels. As already noted, the standard lightbulbs emitted heat, which caused the acrylic to yellow and become brittle. We cut new acrylic sheets to fit the inserts.
  • Machining new aluminum faces. The letters spelling the school’s name are cut out of the aluminum sheet. Since the administration undertook a rebranding, the old faces still showed the school’s former name. The new facings changed that. Our technicians used aluminum at a thickness of ⅛”, which is an excellent choice for this display.

monument sign refurbishing in los angeles, ca

It is interesting to note that LED conversions pay for themselves in just a few short years, simply because of the energy savings. Moreover, LEDs have a typical life of more than ten years, which saves quite a bit of money on maintenance and replacement. 

Superior Signs and Graphics Saves Clients Money with Monument Sign Refurbishing In Los Angeles, CA

Monument sign refurbishing in L.A. or anywhere in Orange County is a service we frequently provide to clients who invested in their exterior signs a while ago. Before LEDs were considered the best practice for signage design, standard bulbs were the best options. If you have exterior building signs or monuments that need refurbishing, we are glad to help.

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