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Signs and Graphics Give a New Look to Anaheim Convention Center Parking Garage!

 Aug 24, 2018

Signs and Graphics for Convention Center Parking Garages Anaheim CA

We frequently take on signage projects that consist of multiple facets. Case in point is the Anaheim Convention Center Car Park. This expo facility underwent a significant upgrade. Our team was invited to add signs and graphics for parking garages in Orange County. We started with the cashier booths that we transformed into visually pleasing, informative setups.

Car Park Signs Welcome and Direct Venue Visitors

Parking Garage Signs and Graphics Orange County CA

It’s hard to miss this parking garage!

With the first phase of the project completed, we recently returned to the location for the second part. It consisted of four distinct signage panels. The venue now features two sign panels that each measure 24 feet in length. A third product is 48 feet long and consists of two 24-foot portions.

The team used 24-foot-long aluminum sheets that were powder-coated in blue. Next, we added high-performance, cast vinyl for the lettering as well as the logos of the facility. We installed the large sign at the top of the parking garage. There, it also features a welcome message.

A Difficult Installation Presents No Problem for Our Team

Difficult Sign Installations in Orange County CA

Our team was ready for this tricky install!

Due to the pay booths’ positioning, reaching the targeted areas on the façade was not easy. We used two bucket vans to move our crews closer to the wall so that they could cooperate on the installation of the larger panel setup. As a result, we were able to create a seamless visual appearance that is perfectly centered. Now, as visitors drive up to the parking garage’s entrance, they see the welcome message and identify the lot as the one that is associated with the Anaheim Convention Center.

Do You Need Easy-to-Read Signs and Graphics for Parking Garages in Orange County?

Easy to see parking lot signs and graphics Anaheim CA

Color coordinated and vibrant!

Make it easier for visitors to your venue to navigate the parking lot setup. Garages can be confusing for first-time guests. Examples of possible signage solutions include:

  • Hanging signs. Warn about ceiling heights with hanging signage bars. We suggest using aluminum that we then paint yellow. Another option is the display of parking level numbers that help customers to remember where they parked.
  • Wall panels. Signal the location of stairwells and elevators with wall panels. We recommend focusing on bright colors that contrast well with the wall’s tones. You might also use wall panels to help visitors avoid parking spaces that you allocate to valet parked vehicles.
  • Retractable banner stands. These temporary signs are ideally suited for seasonal or event-specific parking rates. Store them inside the attendant’s booth when not in use.
  • Floor graphics. Outline areas where pedestrians may cross. It boosts safety and helps to guide people walking to and from their cars.

Think through Your Parking Venue’s Needs

Do you have a parking lot or garage that needs a signage overhaul? Maybe you want to upgrade the look of the structure to be in line with a recent rebranding of the venue. Of course, you might also be outfitting a car park for the first time with signage options. No matter what your reasons are for buying signs and graphics, discuss your needs with our experts. We help you put together a signage suite that appeals to your visitors.

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