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Warehouse and Parking Lot Signage for Santa Fe Springs Distribution & Warehousing Company

 Aug 04, 2016

Frequent readers of our blog know that we have been working with the management team of Dynamic Worldwide to overhaul its signage setup at the Alondra Boulevard location. We started with warehouse and receiving signage. Next, we added a dimensional letter building sign. When the team contacted us this time, it needed warehouse parking lot signs in Santa Fe Springs, CA, as well as some other markers.

Expanding on the Existing Signage Suite

No Parking Signs for Warehouses in Orange County CA

No parking signs!

Having us undertake the next stage of the marker presentation makes sense. Not only do we already have the business’ graphics and information on file, but we also understand the company’s needs concerning a congruent signage presentation. This time around, we created three different products.

No-parking signs. We manufactured 12 no-parking signs that are designed to help with employee parking issues. Our installers mounted the majority of them to eight-foot-tall posts, but we also placed some on chain link fencing and a wooden substrate by an outdoor break location.

Video Surveillance Signs in Orange County CA

Video surveillance signs!

Surveillance camera signage. These products alert visitors and employees that the property is under camera surveillance. Doing so is a legal requirement.

Safety markers. To assist the training department with the reinforcement of loading procedures, we created two signs that depicted properly and improperly loaded trailers. These visual examples highlight safety processes as well as best practices for the niche.

Adding on to a Venue’s Signage

 Warehouse safety signs in Orange County CA

Safety signs!

We routinely work with companies that operate large campuses, warehouses, or sprawling building complexes. It is rare that a business owner can foresee each signage solution needed for the enterprise. As the firm grows, adopts new product lines, offers new services, and opens new revenue-generating operations, the need for upgraded or new signage requires the integration of matching products.

If the signs that are already onsite still show contemporary good looks, adding on is a snap. But if these products show outdated fonts, faded colors, damage to the fronts, or other scratches, it may be a better idea to either refurbish or replace them. Failure to do so results in a hodgepodge of signage displays that mixes fashionable good looks with dated appearances. This result does not wow the customer who visits the location.

In some situations, a failure to update signage may actually place you out of compliance with the law. Cases in point are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs that must now follow new guidelines. Older versions that complied with a prior update of the Act no longer meet current rules. Another type of signage to inventory every so often for relevance is your set of safety markers.

Buying Warehouse Signs in Santa Fe Springs, CA

No Parking Signs for Santa Fe Springs CA

Need signs for your warehouse?

Contact our graphic artists for assistance with your next signage purchase. Whether you are overhauling the look of your facility, want to focus on particular sign products, or intend to outfit a new part of your operations, we can help. If you already have graphics on hand that you want us to incorporate, we gladly do so. Our experts can also design your products from scratch when you need a different look. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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