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Parking and Wayfinding Signs Help Anaheim Medical Office Manage Traffic and Ensure Available Customer Parking Spaces!

 Feb 05, 2019

Located at 100 South Anaheim Boulevard, MemorialCare Medical Group provides primary and pediatric care to patients. Its downtown location can make it difficult to find parking. This is particularly true when consumers visiting other venues use the clinic’s parking spaces. To prevent this from happening, Milan Capital, which manages the property, contacted our sign shop to ask for branded parking and wayfinding signs.

Custom Signage Helps Patients Find Ample Parking

Parking Lot and Wayfinding Signs in Anaheim CA

Do your patients know where they should park?

After meeting with the client and receiving the specs, our technicians got to work. To prevent customers who are visiting other tenants from using the parking spaces that are apportioned to the clinic, we created 20 signs for the lot. Aluminum panels with imprinted overlays were the ideal medium to communicate the messages.

Now, visitors to the location see MemorialCare Medical Group’s name and logo on signs that identify specific parking spaces for the clinic’s patients. These “Reserved Parking” signs now augment the floor lettering that further defines the lot’s spaces. As a result, it is easy for patients to find the right spots while others know to park elsewhere. To maintain the aesthetics of the area, we placed the signage in a uniform pattern.

Which Parking Lot Signs are You Still Missing?

Custom parking lot signs for doctor's offices in Anaheim CA

We can help with all your parking and wayfinding signage needs!

It is an open secret that parking in the Southland is limited. Protecting the spaces that come with your property is essential for the convenience of your clients, patients, or customers. That said, these types of parking signs are only one option that is open to you. Many business clients have had excellent success by placing additional signage solutions in their parking areas.

  • College parking lots. Wayfinding can seem difficult on college campuses. Newcomers frequently feel nervous and do not yet know their ways around. Put them at ease with post and panel signs that identify the campus and help to orient them with a “you are here” notation.
  • Commercial properties. When you have customers picking up products, drivers dropping off shipments, and others visiting a showroom, it can get confusing. Identify dock numbers and have clear signage on hand for delivery drivers, pick-ups, and customer parking.
  • Apartment complexes. Make it easy for each tenant to find the parking spaces that go with specific buildings. Most importantly, have dedicated visitor parking that signals to guests where to find street parking.
  • Property management. Prevent overnight parking in your mall lot by warning away those who are looking for this type of venue. Similarly, regulate RV parking in the lot and identify spots that you keep open for short-term parking such as pick-ups.
  • Marketing and branding. Light posts are excellent surfaces for featuring your advertising messages. Add banners that underscore the season or alert shoppers to exclusive deals and buying opportunities. For colleges and clinics, these signs could be suitable as brand message extensions.

Discuss Your Next Set of Parking and Wayfinding Signs with the Experts

Parking Lot Signs for Medical Offices in Anaheim CA

Make it easier for your patients to park!

Our graphic artist can help you determine how to present your message to the consumer. Whether you need advertising signs, want to assist customers with wayfinding, or need to regulate the traffic flow at the venue, we can help. Contact us today to get started on this project!

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