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Office Signs and Graphics for the County of Orange Help Complete Their New Offices in Brea, CA!

 Aug 14, 2023

Our team does a lot of work for companies and organizations during build-outs or remodels. One Nine Architecture recently called us to come to Brea, where the firm needed office signs and graphics in Orange County, CA. The county’s government decided to open an office on the third floor of a large professional building there. This project would be completed over two phases. 

dimensional lettering and logos for offices in orange county, ca

Dimensional Lettering and Logos for Orange County Offices: Phase 1

The first set of office signs and graphics featured inspiring messages and brand-building displays.

vinyl wall lettering and quotes in orange county, ca

  • Vinyl wall lettering and quotes. For offices, vinyl is a budget-friendly option to change the overall ambiance of a space. Here, we placed a quote by John Wooden above some workstations. 
  • Frosted vinyl. We added a privacy stripe to make it easier for workstation users to concentrate. However, unlike we do in most cases in offices, the client asked for blue vinyl that would match the color of some of the lobby sign’s elements.
  • Lobby sign. A reception area logo sign is a must-have for offices. This one focuses attention on the space’s intent, which is skills education and training for the county’s youth. We used four different colors that imbued the room with a fun atmosphere. Look closely; you will notice that the organization’s portion is done in dimensional letters, while the tagline consists of vinyl lettering.
  • 3D logo signs. For the resource room, we took advantage of a wall feature to place a label as well as three-dimensional letters that brand the venue. It looks chic and professional but does not make the venue look stuffy. 

The project’s second phase focuses on added signage for the space, particularly a lobby signage setup that takes advantage of a corner space. 

frosted vinyl in orange county, ca

Working with – and for – Architectural Firms

In this case, the client invited us to collaborate on the space they were building out. Of course, we also take on other types of projects in this field. A case in point is the architectural rendering printing we do for architects. These are the prints you might see at building sites to show passersby and prospective tenants what the future structure will look like and how it integrates into the neighborhood. 

3d logo signs for offices in orange county, ca

Of course, we also do work at architectural offices. Frequent requests are frosted glass graphics and office room markers. Like many other business clients, architects appreciate the ability to concentrate on meetings when walls consist of floor-to-ceiling glass. Frequently, we also receive referrals from architects who know our work quality. Examples are companies that hire architects for expansions and then receive a referral for new exterior business signs and other products.

Does Your Company Need Office Signs and Graphics in Orange County, CA?

reception area logo signs for offices in orange county, ca

You do not need to be an architectural firm to work with our graphic artist and team. No matter what type of company you represent, we gladly work with you and assist your business to shine. Call us today to request a quote!

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