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Frosted Glass Graphics and Office Room Markers for Businesses in Irvine, CA!

 Dec 06, 2022

Superior Signs and Graphics specializes in designing, producing, and installing glass door graphics and lettering in Irvine, CA. Our latest project took us to Suite 200 at 22 Corporate Park, where EBTA Architects exemplify a comprehensive approach that begins with the floor plans and ends with the finishes.

Office Door Markers for Glass Doors and Walls

As is the case with high-end, class-A office buildings in Orange County, interiors feature stunning floors, elegant designs, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Besides that, there are plenty of glass doors. Sign makers must adapt how they put together office door markers to fit in, meet the wayfinding needs of occupants, and maintain the elegance of the design. 

Glass Door Graphics And Lettering In Irvine CA

Etched and Frosted Glass Graphics Meet the Needs of Elegant Office Spaces

For this project, our team proposed white vinyl letters and graphics to feature the door markers for glass doors and walls. They stand out because of the vinyl’s bright color. Most importantly, we combined flat-cut letters with cut-out numerals, which creates an excellent juxtaposition of shapes and sizes. 

office door markers for glass in irvine, ca

A second part of the project was developing a privacy film for the glass walls of the conference room. These were done for two different surfaces at right angles. The client determined that a frosted privacy stripe with etched-out letters would be the ideal display. Our team ensured that we collected perfect measurements to place these stripes at precisely the same heights. 

privacy film for glass walls in irvine, ca

The finished result combines glass wall privacy film and office door markers using vinyl. It corresponds perfectly to the fashionable sophistication of the overall setting.  

Frosted and Etched Vinyl Glass Treatments for Businesses in All Fields

Whether you welcome customers to an architectural firm, a real estate investment company, or a medical office, our graphic artist will customize your etched and frosted glass graphics to fit into your unique space. Besides that, we pay close attention to your brand message and incorporate its elements in the design. 

etched and frosted glass graphics in irvine, ca

Another excellent usage option is the combination of etched and frosted glass graphics for retail storefronts. In this setting, the lettering can underscore a building sign’s message or echo it at eye level for the customer. Some retailers like the idea of spelling out what products they carry inside. Taking this approach works well for specialty stores.

frosted glass for offices in irvine, ca

Do You Need Customized Glass Door Graphics and Lettering in Irvine, CA?

Frosted glass graphics and office room markers manufactured with vinyl are becoming more popular. They incorporate the continuously popular glass doors and walls of office buildings and storefronts in your location’s overall brand message. It is no longer necessary to place door labels and name tags on the walls next to the door – except where it is required for Americans with Disability Act compliance.

Let our graphic artist assist you with all aspects of your next door and window graphics design. Call us today for a quote!


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