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Mammoth Electric Opts for Cost Effective Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Anaheim CA

 Nov 22, 2015

Cost effective fleet graphics in Anaheim have the power to turn your business into a household name. It is a common misconception that you need to invest in a full wrap to reap the benefits of mobile marketing. Although it is true that the full wrap most certainly succeeds in catching the eye of the consumer, the same is also true of a well-designed graphics package.

Turning Fleet Vehicles into Active Marketing Tools

Fleet graphics Anaheim CA

A look at one of their Nissan NV vans before the graphics!

Case in point is Mammoth Electric. Located at 170 East Liberty Avenue, this contractor specializes in full-service electrical work for the commercial and industrial sectors. Operating a fleet of vehicles, these pros were ready to see their vans do more than just transport tools and supplies. They wanted them to engage in mobile marketing. When the business added three new Nissan NV2500 vans to the mix, the management team contacted the graphics experts at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Cost effective fleet graphics Anaheim CA

These cost effective graphics are extremely noticeable!

This model van presents with indentations where the windows would be placed in passenger models. Realizing that these indentations are ideal for the display of a cost-friendly graphics setup, we designed and manufactured vinyl sheets that fit precisely into this space. Displaying the company’s name and logo, we use a gradual color change to catch the eye and draw it from the attractive logo presentation to the rest of the information. Toward the bottom of the van, we placed cut vinyl lettering to show the website information.

Budget-friendly Mobile Marketing Solutions for Fleet Operators

Fleet Vehicle Graphics Anaheim CA

Now these NV2500 vans are eye-grabbing from all sides!

Invest in a graphics package that brands your business and positions your company as a though leader in your niche. It does not matter if you are a contractor, operate a chain of eateries or haul goods across town, the city or the state. The trick here is to work with experts who understand what message you are trying to get across. Translating this vision into an actual look then turns your fleet cars, trucks or vans into mobile marketing solutions that are an asset to the business.

It all starts with a client consultation. This is the time when you work with our graphic artists to narrow down the focus of your message and to discuss the artwork that will represent your company. If you already have graphics on file, we can usually use them. If you prefer to try something entirely different, we can quickly put together a sketch from the ground up. During this conference, we also talk about the budget that you have in mind as well as the timeframe you want us to work with.

Best vinyl van graphics in Anaheim CA

We offer the best vinyl fleet graphics in Anaheim!

Since cost effective fleet graphics in Anaheim should be available to any company owner who needs them, our experts have streamlined the processes involved in the design, manufacture and installation of the product to cut out any costs that are not absolutely necessary. As a result, we assist more and more businesses – particularly startups and those with larger fleets – to put their vehicles on the road with eye-catching messages. Call us today to learn more about how you can benefit from having your fleet vehicles treated.

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