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Body Rhythms Reopens and Brands with Acrylic Lobby Signs in Irvine CA!

 Nov 17, 2015

Located at 4902 Irvine Center Drive, Body Rhythms has already been a huge hit in Hawaii. The spa offers massages, a broad range of spa treatments and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Before the Irvine location recently re-opened, the management team contacted the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics to discuss the commission of a new lobby sign.

Lobby Signage for an Upscale Spa Must Suit the Venue

Acrylic lobby signs with stand-offs Irvine CA

Acrylic signs with stand-offs offer great appeal!

We worked with the team to design a sign that would excel at underscoring the venue’s mission and overall atmosphere. Since acrylic lobby signs for spas in Irvine, CA, are a common sight, it was decided to stick with this theme. We designed, manufactured and installed a clear acrylic board that displays the name and logo of Body Rhythms with the help of a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay.

Four brushed aluminum offsets are holding the board in place. The sign is elegant but fun. In addition, it is large enough to be an immediate eye catcher but not so large as to overpower the tasteful wall setup in the lobby. Since the sign perfectly mimics the name and logo display that consumers would see on the company’s website, for many clients the signage offers a welcome that brings instant familiarity to the occasion.

Welcoming the Consumer

Acrylic reception area signs for spas in Irvine CA

Make your reception area pop!

In addition to presenting an office or business venue that is clean, free of clutter and decorated in such a manner that it makes the business at hand clear, a sign that matches the look of your Internet presence is a big plus. Studies have proven that consumers research companies online before ever setting foot inside a store. In fact, in some cases the research may have taken place as little as an hour before the customer or client walked through the door.

Creating a link from your Internet presence to your brick and mortar business location makes therefore good sense. The majority of companies decide that an exact replica of an online name and logo display is the best option. Our graphic artists can usually achieve this goal by creating digitally imprinted vinyl products that we can fit onto acrylic, aluminum or foam boards. These boards can take a variety of shapes in keeping with your preferences. The use of complementary colors – from the website – in the interior of the foyer is another great method of helping the consumer make the connection between the company’s online and offline presence.

Discussing Your Next Lobby Sign with a Professional

Acrylic lobby signs for spas in Orange County

Great for spas everywhere in Orange County!

While many companies do very well with acrylic lobby signs in Irvine, CA, you have many more options. For example, the acrylic could take the form of a board or of dimensional letters. Combining the two is another option. Next, you might change your material selection from acrylic to foam or metal.

Since there are many considerations that go into the design of an excellent foyer marker that will represent your brand and marketing message, we recommend that you contact our graphic artists to learn more about the options open to you. For example, did you know that our technicians also work with more unusual materials such as wood, glass or marble? Call us today to find out what we can do for your next lobby sign.

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