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High School Athletics Wall Graphics Motivate Athletes During Training in Westminster, CA!

 Dec 21, 2022

We love it when clients refer friends, family members, or people they do business with. A case in point is Westminster High School at 14325 Goldenwest Street. The administration recently asked us to create wall graphics for high school athletics in Orange County, CA.

How Westminster HS Learned About Our Weight Room Wall Wraps

It is fair to say that this client is a referral from a referral – from a referral. Confused? The Athletic Director from Segerstrom HS loved our work. We did some high school weight room vinyl wall graphics for that location. They referred us to Santa Ana High School, where we had the opportunity to design locker room wall graphics

wall wraps and decals for schools in orange county, ca

In turn, the Athletic Director for Santa Ana High School referred us to Bolsa Grande High School. There we did weight room wall graphics, which are our specialty. When Westminster HS needed similar custom-designed wall graphics for school weight rooms, the Segerstrom Athletic Director once again sang our praises. 

weightroom wall graphics and murals for schools in orange county, ca

Weight Room Wall Graphics and Murals for OC High Schools

We discussed the project with the client and learned that they needed our shop to design, print, and install wall wraps in the weight room. Besides that, they also required die-cut lettering and decals. The client then provided specs that defined the logo, color palette, and font. Similarly, we received high-definition graphics of students engaged in sports, which we would use as the basis for the wall wraps and vinyl wall decals. 

vinyl wall decals for schools in orange county, ca

You will notice that the decals spell out the school’s name, the sports team’s name, and the values that the school champions. For the wall that would feature the murals, we layered images of student-athletes amid their activities. Other murals focus on only one sport and focus attention on the values that the team embraces. 

Wall graphics for high school athletics in orange county, ca

It was essential to the client that we would also add some pictures of graduating students. They show that scholarship and athletics go hand in hand. For the students, this is a valuable lesson that the administration and athletics department stress consistently. 

weight room wall wraps in orange county, ca

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in School Athletics Murals and Decals

We understand that wall graphics for high school athletics in Orange County, CA, must be an extension of the facility’s values and standards. Because these images are daily reminders to students of what they are working toward, it makes sense that our graphic artist spends the time putting together compelling displays with artistic merit. 

Concurrently, parents who tour schools will see these graphics – particularly when your athletics division is a significant aspect of the venue’s appeal. In this way, these murals and weight room decals become powerful marketing and brand-building tools. Call us today to see what we can do for your school!


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