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Door Wraps and Graphic Panels for Rio Hondo College in Whittier, CA!

 Dec 20, 2022

We finished the project for Rio Hondo College with logo floor mats and door wraps in Whittier, CA. Initially, the school had asked our shop to make wall wraps and graphics for the school. The second part of the project was the fabrication of word clouds and door graphics. Now, we finished with a couple of door wraps and other school wall signs.

logo floor mats in whittier, ca

Creating a Welcoming College Atmosphere with Budget-Friendly Signage

These door wraps took the great looks of these products outside. We labeled doors, featured word cloud language from the business division, and selected a high-contrast color play with white and orange on dark blue. For the classrooms, we continued with wall graphics that underscore business-related terminology. Examples include panels for logistics management. 

door wraps in whittier, ca

They transform the blank wall of the classroom by giving the learners examples of the opportunities that open up with a business degree. We also took advantage of the unused wall space above the cabinets in the computer center to connect business with online functionality. 

Wall Signs And Graphics For Schools

Another welcoming tool schools like to use is the doormat. Rather than going with a store-bought model, the college opted for a branded display. These logo floor mats are ideally suited for building the brand and even assisting with wayfinding! Students, faculty members, and visitors cannot help but take note of the cohesive brand story permeating all school areas.

school wall signs in whittier, ca

Which Signage Solutions Does Your Brand Story Need?

So far, we have pointed out that printed vinyl graphics are inexpensive and ideal for introducing your brand to newcomers. Besides that, door, windows, and wall graphics can cover surfaces that may be larger than what you might treat with a banner or custom art. Similarly, you could easily combine printed vinyl decals and panels with all types of signs that you already have in place. Examples could include point-of-sale signs or ads.

wall signs for schools in loa angeles, ca

Because each school, company, and retailer has different brand-building needs, we customize the signage solutions to your brand story. For this client, it involved door wraps and door mats. For others, there are ceiling-mounted panels and window graphics. If you need help presenting your brand story to customers and first-time visitors to your location, discuss your concerns with our graphic artist.

wall signs and graphics for schools in los angeles, ca

Buying Logo Doormats and Door Wraps in Whittier, CA, with Confidence!

Do you know that we also specialize in fabricating short-term vinyl decals and wraps? While doormats and door wraps are made to last, some businesses like the idea of making seasonal changes to doors, floors, and windows. You could use short-term vinyl even in school to celebrate holidays and other special events.

Connect with us to learn more about your options, make an appointment with the graphic artist, or request a quote for your next project. Call us today!

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