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Got Maids Adds Chevy Aveo Franchise Graphics to Fleet in the OC!

 Apr 26, 2015

Loyal readers of this blog will remember the franchise car wrap we did for the Got Maids business not too long ago. We took a charcoal-gray Nissan Sentra and turned it into a mobile marketing powerhouse with a yellow wrap that displayed swoosh graphics as well as bubbles. At the same time, it incorporated the franchisor’s artwork for easy recognition in the OC.

Adding to the Fleet

Franchise vehicle graphics Orange County

Add vehicle graphics to your company cars!

A Chevy Aveo, which also belonged to the business, was already yellow. At the time, the budget was not able to handle the treatment of yet another vehicle. Of course, with one fully wrapped vehicle in the field, the budget issue resolved itself rather quickly. After business had been booming for a bit, the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics got another call. This time, Got Maids was ready to bring the Chevy into the fleet.

Due to its yellow color, there was no need to go for the full wrap. Rather, our experts designed a graphics package that makes it look like another wrapped vehicle on the Got Maids franchise parking lot. With these franchise vehicle graphics, Orange County’s “Finest Maid Service” now reaps the benefits of marketing and branding with two cars.

Building Your Fleet

You already know the advantage of incorporating car wraps in your mobile marketing package. These wraps contain all the style elements your company needs to turn heads. In addition, these design elements act as mnemonic devices that make it easy for consumers to remember your business even if they cannot recall your name. (After all, who is likely to forget bright yellow vehicles that display bubbles?)

Fleet car graphics Orange County

Advertise from all sides!

It is a common misconception that you need to add like vehicles to your fleet. In fact, we have worked with plenty of companies that include passenger cars of varying makes and models as well as box trucks, vans and trailers. It is not even necessary to treat each vehicle to a full wrap. When your budget simply does not allow for the treatment, a partial wrap or lettering with graphics also fulfills the need for mobile marketing.

Getting Started on Your Order

Talk to our professionals today to learn more about partial vehicle wraps for cleaning franchises in Orange County. Of course, businesses in all niches benefit from this type of vehicle treatment. Whether you own a construction company, run a tool retail franchise or operate a service business that brings your van to clients’ homes, treating your vehicles to display your company’s information is necessary.

Fleet graphics for Orange County franchises

Brand your franchise locally!

Staying ahead of the competition calls for a concerted marketing action that includes the use of vehicle lettering and wraps. Although wraps are perhaps the best solution, it is not uncommon for a company to start with lettering and a logo graphic. As business picks up, it is time to upgrade to a partial wrap. From there, it is a very small step to a full wrap. The more visible your company’s name is around town, the quicker business is bound to pick up. Call us today to get started on your vehicle graphics order.

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