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Bail Bond Business Advertises with Scion xB Vehicle Wraps!

 May 03, 2015

Golden Eagle Bail Bonds is located in Fullerton but serves the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino. If you find yourself in a bind with the law, these are the professionals who organize your bail in the most discreet and reliable manner. Since this company is on call around the clock, it makes sense that when speed matters, Golden Eagle Bail Bonds is a good friend in the business to have. When considering their mobile advertising options, the company decided to put the pedal to the metal with one of the vehicle wraps for Fullerton, CA, that so many companies swear by.

Bail Bond Vehicle Wraps Orange County

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Putting Together an Eye-catching Wrap

After calling Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance, we met with Golden Eagle Bail Bonds’ management team to discuss the look of the desired wrap. The vehicle in question is a brand-new 2015 Scion xB. Yet this business did not want a “normal” wrap. Rather, the company desired a look that would come with a certain wow factor. Could we deliver? Of course!

Vehicle Graphics for bail bond companies in Orange County

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We designed a wrap that would show off golden colors. At the front and rear of the vehicle, the gold is darker. Toward the middle, the gold hue lightens. The result of this gradient change is appealing and eye-catching. To maximize the marketing space, we also added perforated vinyl to the windows, which offers another advertising area for the company. The rear window now features the company’s name and logo as well as the phone number. The website address and company’s availability are part of the display.

The rear side windows advertise the availability of free bail information, low down payments and payment plans. The information from the rear of the vehicle repeats on both sides. The front, too, shows off the logo, company name and contact information. Anyone seeing this vehicle driving by cannot help by notice the messages. This car is a certain head turner.

Car wraps Orange County

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Why a Full Wrap is Always a Good Idea

Using your whole car – including the rear windows – as part of your advertising canvas is always a good idea. Whether you need bail bond vehicle wraps for Fullerton, CA, or require something that markets your brokerage, real estate office, grocery store or flower delivery service, vehicle graphics speak to the consumer. Franchisees in particular have learned that nothing makes their introduction into a new market easier than a vehicle wrap.

Designing the wrap is a three-pronged activity.

Vehicle graphics Fullerton CA

Even the hood received graphics!

  1. Selecting the style elements. Our experts work with you on the selection of the right style elements that uniquely identify your company’s business niche. We use the artwork that you already have or draw up something completely new from scratch.
  2. Choosing a color. The color of the wrap matters. Whether you want it to be a logo color or one of the hues that you display on your website, it is always a good idea to create brand recognition with your vehicle or capitalize on it when onlookers have already checked out your company online.
  3. Vehicle inspection. Sure, you tell us what type of make and model we will work with. Even so, please call us to set up an appointment. We still want to take measurements and make sure that we do not overlook any after-market parts that may be on your vehicle.

Want more proof on the power of vehicle wraps and graphics? Take a look at our YouTube video!

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