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Door Panel Trailer Graphics for G&G Door Products in Buena Park CA!

 Jun 24, 2014
Door panel trailer graphics Orange County

These panels fit right over the peeling paint!

Sometimes, vehicle graphics do not just market and brand your business, they can also cover over a multitude of unsightly scratches and patches. Case in point is the heavily used work trailer of G&G Door Products. Located at 7600 Stage Road in Buena Park, this business opened its doors in 1995 and has built up a loyal clientele that spreads the word about G&G far and wide. Business is booming and the expertly designed architectural door assemblies are in high demand. Not surprisingly, the company’s work trucks as well as its trailer see plenty of use.

When it came time to add some attractive graphics to the trailer and truck doors, G&G contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for help. We evaluated the vehicles and found that one trailer had some paint damage where someone had tried to remove old vinyl lettering. Would this be a problem that could only be solved with a steep price tag? No! We cut some attractive black aluminum panels that matched the color of the trailer and simply applied the graphics to the paneling. Next, we attached the panels to the trailer’s sides to cover up the paint damage.

The panels look sleek, modern and feature G&G’s business name, logo, phone number, website address and niche explanation. When consumers see these elegant panels, they fulfill their branding and marketing purposes with aplomb.

Do you need metal panel trailer graphics for Orange County? Does your trailer or work vehicle have some paint damage that is simply a hallmark of the wear and tear it has seen during a busy season? We can help!

  • Panels cover prior damage. Do not spend a lot of money on a new paint job! Instead, let our experienced trailer graphics professionals evaluate the vehicle. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may still be able to match panels to the exact color of your trailer to truck. In so doing, we simply cover up the damage and let you brand your business.
  • Wraps cover the rest. If the damage is more extensive, a wrap is going to be cheaper than a new paint job. In fact, a vehicle wrap combines a new colorful shell for your vehicle with the marketing message that you want consumers to see.
  • Panels also work for the top. Do you deliver your goods in an office park? Do potential clients live in residences that are on the second floor and up? One of the most commonly overlooked marketing canvases is the roof of your truck or van. If the Orange County sun had done significant damage to the paint there, the panels work wonders!

Of course, panels also cover damage that is a bit more than skin deep. While a wrap needs a paint job that is overall in decent condition – although a few minor flaws and fades are no problem – a panel can even cover flaking rust or minor dents. Best of all, if the work vehicle takes its lumps during the season, installing a new panel is a snap! Are you ready to get started? We are here to help!

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