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Do Vehicle Wraps Protect My Car in Orange County?

 Jun 19, 2014
Do vehicle wraps protect my car in Orange County

Wraps help to protect manufacturer paint!

You already know that vehicle wraps are superior marketing solutions for your business. They turn your work truck, delivery van or other automobile associated with the company from a bland vehicle into a branding billboard that generates name awareness wherever it is driven. Yet did you also know that there are fringe benefits to the installation of a wrap? So, do vehicle wraps protect my car in Orange County? While they are not adding a suit of armor to the car’s exterior, they most certainly help with its protection in more ways than one.

They Are Removable

For starters, our professionally installed car wraps are 100 percent removable. There is no residue, and your vehicle’s paintjob is not damaged. Mind you, this only applies to wraps that we manufactured and install. We cannot make the same type of guarantee for the products that you can order off the Internet or those that someone with little or no experience has attempted to install at home in a garage. When you have a professionally installed product and the time comes to trade in the vehicle, you get a higher resale value for showing up with a car that shows no paint damage.

Are vehicle wraps removable

Your wraps are 100 percent removable!

Great UV Protection

Our wraps are manufactured with material stabilizers and paint protectors. Since the Orange County sun is as merciless as it is beautiful, it makes sense to protect the wrap from fading. This ensures that you get at least five years of useful life out of your product. A side effect of the installation of this type of product is the UV protection your vehicle experiences as well. With the wrap in place, the UV coating also prevents your paintjob from fading. When the wrap is removed at some point, the paint underneath is in the same condition as it was on the day we added the vinyl.

Manufacturer Paint Protection

When we apply a typical matte colored vinyl product, we add about 2mm to 4mm of coating to your vehicle’s surface. You cannot really see it make much of a difference, but this layer of vinyl takes the brunt of the impacts made by standard road debris. When you compare this to the standard clear vehicle bra measuring about 7mm in thickness, you will notice that the protection is real.

One stop guide to vehicle wraps in Orange County

Read our guide for Orange County vehicle wraps!

In addition to the assistance with paint protection is the enhancement of the good looks of the vehicle. When you consider that each of our wraps is manufactured with the vehicle’s make and model in mind, it makes sense that we highlight the most attractive features of the automobile. In so doing, we not only protect the good looks of the car but we actually feature them!

Another form of protection that a wrap provides you is theft prevention. After all, who wants to drive away with a highly visible vehicle that features easy-to-recognize colors and is so eye-catching that heads turn every time you drive down the street? This type of vehicle is neither a good getaway vehicle for burglars nor a desirable theft target for those hoping to part out the car. When choosing a wrapped car during an illicit activity, the crooks virtually guarantee their venture’s failure.

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