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Stand Out Channel Letter Sign for Thread A Brow in Brea CA

 Jun 17, 2014
Logo shaped channel letter signs Orange County

Combine your logo with illuminated letters!

Channel letter and lightbox cabinet signs for Brea, CA, area merchants are favorite choices for facility branding as well as name recognition enhancement. Case in point is Thread A Brow. Located at 405 South State College Boulevard in Brea, Thread A Brow is an eyebrow threading business. When it came time to add a building sign to the venue’s façade, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

We worked with the company’s logo artwork to create a set of channel letters in the telltale white and green colors. They are the type that is illuminated from the front and the rear by LEDs. The result is a well-lit marker that impresses with a soft halo appearance. We also captured the company’s logo in a round lightbox with a vinyl translucent print. Also in the white and green of the business’ artwork, this sign now beautifully brands the company while also fulfilling wayfinding functions.

Are you thinking of adding channel letter signs in Brea, CA? Are you wondering if these are the right signage solutions for your business? Do you have an intricate logo that you do not know if it will translate well into this type of signage scheme? We have answers to these – and other – questions.

Q: Do all channel letter signs look the same?

A: No, they do not. For Thread A Brow, we chose a setup that is face lit and halo lit. You have a number of additional options open to you. You may decide to just have the light escape from the back, which gives your sign a halo lit appearance. When the light only escapes through the front, it is front lit. You also have the option of having us install clear fronts that allow the LEDs to show. This gives your marker a certain minimalist flair that some companies adore.

Channel letter signs Orange County

Bright, colorful and noticeable!

Q: How do you handle intricate logo designs?

A: This is where the combination of channel letters and lightboxes comes in. The channel letters spell out the name of the business whereas the lightbox displays the actual logo. The trick here is the use of a printed vinyl overlay that we use with the lightbox setup. In this manner, we can display even the most intricate logo in stunning detail.

Q: I’m running an upscale establishment; are channel letters right for me?

A: Yes, they are. The beauty of the channel letter setup is the ease with which we can recreate even the more high-end fonts that you may have chosen for your company. Moreover, the use of various lighting techniques ensures that we manufacture a sign that is in harmony with the atmosphere that your business is cultivating.

Illuminated channel letter signs Orange County

Ask us about channel letter signs!

Q: I have more questions; who can help me?

A: Talk to our knowledgeable channel letter artists for additional information about this signage medium and its versatility with respect to appearances. We gladly work up some sketches that incorporate your artwork. If needed, we also incorporate the lightbox element to do your logo complete justice. You will love what you see!

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