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Custom Commercial Van Graphics for Businesses in Los Angeles, CA!

 Jul 05, 2022

When the team at LA Vapor contacted Superior Signs and Graphics, the wholesaler of vaping supplies and related products knew that to stand out, they needed van graphics in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in the design, production, and installation of these products. Here is how we helped this client put their brand message on the streets.

Cargo Van Graphics in Los Angeles CA

A Black and White Graphics Design Ensures Visibility on the Road

Have you ever wondered why police cars favor the black and white color palette? The answer has everything to do with visibility. Black and white offer the highest color contrast that is possible to achieve with any vehicle graphics treatment

Custom Designed Van Graphics in Los Angeles CA

The client uses white writing against a black backdrop. Because the management team brought us a white van to work with, it made sense to switch the color palette. It preserves the high-impact color combination but allows the client to use the van’s base color.

Our technicians used 3M cast vinyl to manufacture the product and added a laminate to ensure long-lasting graphics that would look great even after continued use and sun exposure. Look closely, and you will notice that the colors flipped again against the backdrop of the rear windows

Custom Decals and Lettering for Commercial Vans in Los Angeles CA

The clean lines of the letters and logo portion are attractive, work perfectly in combination with the van’s trim, and create the type of display that gets attention. 

How to Design Brand-Centric Cargo Van Graphics for Any Type of Company

The first step we almost always suggest is integrating a brand color. Because LA Vapor uses white and black, it was an ideal color palette to use. When considering the secondary or support colors, consider the message the different hues send. Color psychology suggests that green expresses health, while blue is a tone typically associated with trust. 

After choosing the color palette, it is time to focus on the verbal message. What do you want the letters to say? Generally, our clients go in one of three directions. 

  1. Business introduction. A business introduction places the focus on the company’s name. LA Vapor chose this when asking us to develop a definitive look. Adding contact information such as a phone number can be a good plan. At other times, it makes more sense to direct customers to the website.
  2. Brand building. Building a brand takes a variety of shapes. Examples include the addition of service menus, brand differentiations, or co-branding.
  3. Product advertising. When you have a product you want to advertise, we recommend full-color displays that show the item from various angles. Some clients choose to advertise one product on the van’s driver’s side and another one on the passenger’s side. 

Cargo Van Graphics in Los Angeles CA

Buying Your Next Van Graphics in Los Angeles, CA and Anywhere Else in the County

Whether you need custom decals and lettering for commercial vans, full wraps for passenger vehicles, or spot graphics for a truck you plan to use between cities, we can help. Discuss your plans with our graphic artist, which can transform your ideas into stunning graphics. Call today!


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