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Cuttwood LLC Adds Custom Wall Graphics to Offices in Orange County!

 Aug 04, 2015

Located at 1622 Deere Avenue in Irvine, Cuttwood LLC prides itself on its selection of high-quality vape flavors. With names like Sugar Drizzle and Unicorn Milk, the products practically fly off the shelves. To enhance the look of the company president’s office with custom office wall graphics in Orange County, the company’s management team contacted the graphic artists at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Creating a Custom Look that Delivers

Custom wall graphics Orange County

Wall murals are crisp and full of detail!

After meeting with the management team, we manufactured a wall wrap to cover three walls. The color selection was matte black with white designs. Upper and lower stripes pull together the look while a subliminal gray paisley background adds depth to the look of the product. We worked around a flat screen TV and an interior window and door. Complicating the installation process was the intricate nature of the wall wrap’s look.

How custom wall murals are designed in Orange County

The initial design was our first step!

There was no room for error. After all, mismatching a seam here would mean that an entire wall would have to be redone. That said, our technicians came through and perfectly matched the nine graphic panels we printed to cover the surfaces. While the client already had a wrap design in mind, we did some fine-tuning of the look make the color and opacity of the background image work. The finished look is sophisticated, elegant and expertly represents the Cuttwood brand.

Wrapping an Office or Lobby

Custom vinyl wall murals Orange County

The “Sauce Boss’s” Office!

When you want to change the look and feel of an office space quickly, the wall wrap delivers. It makes a dramatic impact on the way that workers and clients perceive your company and interact with your brand. In a restaurant setting, the use of wall wraps effectively brings atmosphere to a space that was previously neutral. For the retail office, the wrap displays branding information. For the service provider, the name recognition the signage product creates, alongside the niche-specific information it may display, can dramatically affect the bottom line.

Office wall graphics Orange County

Put your brand and logo on your walls!

Taking advantage of color psychology is not new. Countless advertisers and interior decorators have used it. Why not make it work for your space? Whether you already have company colors that you want to incorporate into the wrap or want our graphic artists to put together a design that creates a specific impact on those visiting your office, we can create a product that brands and markets your merchandise or service with little more than visual clues and color selections. In addition, the use of a wall wrap breathes a new atmosphere into any space.

Benefits of Custom Office Wall Graphics in Orange County

Orange County custom wall graphics

The possibilities for wall graphics are endless!

You do not have to wait until you move into a new space to avail yourself of this technology.

  • Modernize your space. When the paint job is no longer fresh and you want to freshen up the look of your venue dramatically, a wall wrap can do so. Wrap one, two or all four walls.
  • Drive sales. Enhance the branding message of your company’s interior marketing displays to encourage more sales.
  • Create conversation starters. Make the job easier for your sales team by incorporating product or service clues into the wrap. They educate the consumer and provide conversation starters for their appointments with your staff members.

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