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Window Graphics for Long Beach, CA Businesses Are a Low-Cost Advertising Solution!

 Jan 03, 2022

Integrative Sports and Spine operates four clinics across the Southland. There, skilled practitioners assist patients with physical exams, lumbar sympathetic blocks, stem cell therapy, and a wide variety of other treatment approaches. These modalities combine to relieve neck, knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, feet, and ankle injuries. When the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics, it requested window graphics for two locations, since they are a low-cost advertising solution that has an immediate impact. Let’s look at how window graphics for Long Beach CA businesses can make a big difference!

A Combination of Vinyl Products Creates a Compelling Look

Window Graphics in Long Beach CA

We traveled to the clinic at 2650 Elm Avenue in Long Beach for this project. There, the venue had several glass panels to work with. For this customized setup, our technicians used perforated vinyl and die-cut graphics and lettering. 

We produced die-cut images in the clinic’s custom colors for the name and logo. You notice the green and blue lettering and logo elements. The therapists’ names are spelled out in white lettering. The combination is visually attractive and fits in perfectly with the white wall color on the sides and the visible landscaping. 

long beach, ca window graphics

The door only features white lettering. It makes it easy to differentiate the glass of the entrance door from the window panels. For the other two window areas, our specialists designed perforated vinyl graphics. One panel spells out the treatment methods and areas of expertise the therapists bring to the table.

Another window panel shows two people jogging, which is the result most patients want to achieve. While it makes it impossible for those outside to see in, those inside the facility can still see outside. It is one of the properties that make perforated vinyl different from the standard material. That said, both types of vinyl are budget-friendly solutions for businesses. 

Make a Big Impression on Prospective Customers with Inexpensive Ad Methods

see through window graphics in long beach, ca

Window graphics for Long Beach, CA businesses are a low-cost advertising solution that benefits companies in all fields. Moreover, those business owners who have multiple facilities or branches appreciate the opportunity to advertise effectively with surfaces already available to them. 

Because windows are now rarely used to display products, it makes sense to use them for presenting information instead. In this client’s case, the display focused on a menu of services, brand presentation, and advertising of the corporate personality. What else could you do with window graphics?

Window Wraps, Stand-Alone Graphics, and Appetizing Photos

Retailers like to use full or partial window wraps to introduce the brands they represent. It is a great way to bring in foot traffic. Service providers frequently like the idea of stand-alone graphics that underscore what they do. Adding these images is of particular importance when your corporate name does not clearly state what field you are in.

Restaurants prefer to feature full-color, high-definition photos of the dishes that are the most popular with their customers. These photos create the foot traffic that makes popular eateries stand out and leads to even more foot traffic. Consider displaying your signature dishes or the product you want to be known for. 

When you are ready to explore how to turn inexpensive vinyl into highly-effective marketing and branding materials, connect with our sign shop. Superior Signs and Graphics serves the business communities in and around Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

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