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Sprinter Van Decals & Lettering Increase Business for Plumbing Companies in Orange County, CA!

 Dec 27, 2021

Emerald Sierra Plumbing & Electrical technicians serve customers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. When the company was ready to join the mobile marketing revolution with Sprinter van decals and lettering in Orange County, CA, the management team contacted our sign shop to handle the project.

Window Recess Wraps Advertise and Build Brand Recognition

Sprinter van decals and lettering in Orange County CA

Where a passenger van would have windows, a commercial Sprinter van has recesses. Emerald Sierra Plumbing asked our graphic artist to design window recess wraps to take advantage of these spaces. We created a combination of decals and lettering that focused attention on the company’s corporate color palette and logo display.

They underscore the business model and offer contact information. Because the graphics focus attention on the recessed areas of the van, they maximize the message’s visibility. Besides that, we incorporated the white color of the vehicle by displaying some letters in the same color. It creates a visually compelling look that catches the attention of drivers and pedestrians. 

Sprinter Van Graphics in Los Angeles CA

And, whenever the van is parked in front of a customer’s house, prospective customers see who is working in the home. The client loved the finished product so much that they are bringing us another van to work with, which will call for a modification of the color palette since it has a different base tone.

How to Advertise Your Business with a Corporate Van

commercial van graphics in orange county, ca

Vans are among the most versatile vehicles that companies buy. They are excellent for deliveries, moving work crews, and transporting supplies. When you use one or more vans in your business, getting them treated with full or partial wraps, decals, and lettering packages makes sense. They are sufficiently large to get your message across in style but not so large that you have to spend a lot of money. 

When you have the advantage of recesses, we highly recommend working with these spaces. They are perfectly positioned to draw attention and be visible even in heavy traffic. We can still work with these surfaces if you have selected a van with windows rather than recesses. In this case, we would design, fabricate, and install perforated vinyl window covers that let those on the inside see out. However, anyone on the outside only sees your advertising message. 

In addition to the recesses or windows, remember that the rear doors are excellent surfaces for featuring your information. We always recommend summarizing your brand details there because it is one of the most visible surfaces on any vehicle. 

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in the Design of Vehicle Graphics

commercial van graphics in Buena Park CA

Do you need Sprinter van decals and lettering in Orange County, CA? Do you drive a company car in and around Los Angeles County? Maybe you have a truck or trailer you regularly use in your workday. Work with our team on designing a graphics product that focuses the consumer’s attention on your brand, services menu, and color palette. If you are thinking of rebranding, we can also help you with the vehicle designs for these processes.

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