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What Can You Do With Vinyl Decals in Orange County?

 Nov 18, 2014

Can you name one of the most effective marketing and branding solutions that you are able to use in-house and hand out to clients and customers alike? The answer is easy: vinyl decals. Orange County business owners are coming to realize that this cost-effective signage solution is actually quite versatile and can have a huge impact inside any venue as well as out on the road. Examples abound.

Vinyl Decals Orange County

Vinyl decals are great for many uses!

The Many Uses of Vinyl Decals in Orange County!

The uses for these decals are indeed many! Here, you’ll find a list of some of our favorite uses! In fact, however, if you’ve got anything you think needs a vinyl decal, we’re pretty sure we can help!


Do you have an honor roll, a special recognition program or any other way that children are recognized for their achievements in class? Why not hand out decals that celebrate this achievement? Parents proudly put them on their cars, which helps you market your school all around Orange County and beyond.

Vinyl Decals for vehicles Orange County

Vinyl decals great for vehicles!


Decals are a formidable part of a lettering and graphics treatment the vehicle receives. Whether it is a work truck, van or passenger car, the decal adds the graphics that underscore the message of the lettering. At the same time, it also serves to grab the eye of motorists and pedestrians.

Service Establishments

Use decals on your equipment to generate name recognition and heighten brand awareness. This is also a great time to invoke the names and logos of other authorities in your niche that you might be affiliated with. For a physician’s office, this would include medical associations and those groups that grant post-graduate certifications.

Die Cut Vinyl Decals Orange County

Or, for use in exterior or interior areas!


Wall decals are excellent at beautifying a room, adding motivational elements to a break or conference room, and also displaying must-know information in an easy-to-notice manner. Large decals can be used to showcase where your company has branch offices in the state or country. Smaller decals may help to tell the story of the company from its beginnings to today. These would be progressive decal and lettering wall art displays that are usually chosen for hallway walls.

Lobby Signage

While the traditional lobby sign displays your company’s name and logo, it is possible to add secondary signage that takes on the form of customized artwork. For example, if you are in the resale business, you can have decals mounted on clear vinyl to highlight the brands that you represent. This is a great option for niche companies that resell racing gear, brewing supplies or tools.

Lobby sign vinyl decals Orange County

Vinyl decals perfect as part of your lobby sign!


Do you run a vacation resort, a boating club or a similar outfit? Hand out decals to consumers that identify them as members of your club. In so doing, you not only ensure that only authorized boaters are using your facilities, but you also market your resort when these vacationers later go to other venues with their boats featuring Orange County vinyl decals.

As you can see, there is no limit to the uses for decals. Getting started on your order is simple. Talk to the friendly folks at Superior Signs and Graphics for more information on sizes, artwork selection and material treatments. We gladly create decals that attach as cling displays to window surfaces or as stickers to bumpers. We treat our decals to be fade-resistant. If you have an idea for a look but are not sure how to put it together, we can help!

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