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Can Customers Clearly See What Your Auto Repair Center Offers?

 Nov 16, 2014
Auto Service Center Banner Signs Orange County

Clients will know just what you offer on the service drive!

What are the must-have signs for auto repair centers in Orange County? Are there some markers that are more important than others? Could you do okay if you kept signage to a minimum? Your questions – answered.

Q: What are your feelings about hand-written signs?

A: At Superior Signs and Graphics, we frequently talk to small business owners who are desperate the save money. When the marketing and signage budgets are lean, it is tempting to cut corners and save money by printing signs on a computer or hand-writing them. But ask yourself: Would you trust your health to a physician who has hand-written signs in and around the office? If not, then why should folks entrust you with their high-tech vehicles?

Posters and banner signs for auto repair centers Orange County

Let them know your hours!

Q: If it is not advisable to substitute signage with handwritten markers, what are the options?

A: Start out simple and trade up. For example, you might opt for banners and posters. Later, you can trade up and replace these signs with printed vinyl over aluminum. An exterior sign made from outdoor-rated foam is less expensive than other signage solutions. After your marketing budget has increased, it is easy to replace the foam marker with something else. Options abound.

Service Department Menu Board Signs Orange County

Interior menu board signs for your service department are essential!

Q: Is there a list of signs that an auto repair shop simply cannot do without?

A: Yes, there is.

  • List of services. Menu signs for auto repair centers in Orange County list the various service options and add-ons that drivers can choose from when getting their basic oil changes and other services.
  • Point of sale sign. Suggest service packages and feature an attractive bundle price. Some independent auto repair center owners have banners imprinted with multiple different service tiers that include graduated services.
  • Building sign. If your building does not have an easily visible sign, your business will quickly go out of business. The primary complaint of motorists in search of lube and repair facilities is the absence of readily visible signage. Either the signs are too small, the colors blend in with the building or they are old, which makes the difficult to read. Do not fall into the same trap! Your building sign is your primary means of marketing, branding and wayfinding for consumers. Do not skimp here.
  • Lobby markers. An attractive lobby sign is a great addition to any waiting area. Even though you have succeeded in persuading the consumer to entrust you with the car, make them feel comfortable and certain that this was a good choice.
15-Point Inspection signs for Auto Service Centers Orange County

Don’t forget your 15-point inspection sign!

Q: Are there signs that can wait?

A: Yes, there are. Although they greatly enhance consumers’ experiences with your facility, a monument sign is not necessarily required right away – unless you are located in a setting where your facility is difficult to see from the street. Another sign that can wait until later is the educational indoor marker. Usually, these are retractable banner stands and similar signage solutions.

We know that it can be confusing to figure out exactly what to buy when the budget is tight and you are either upgrading a facility or moving into one. Talk to our friendly signage experts to get more information on how to put your best foot forward – on your budget.

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