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West Coast Plumbing Adds “Mascot” Van Graphics to Boost Brand Recognition!

 Jun 29, 2015

West Coast Plumbing is a respected member of the Cypress business community. Although it is a small business, its excellent reputation has resulted in steady growth. This enabled the company’s owner to purchase a new tool body van. Knowing that vehicle vinyl graphics and lettering are integral parts of a successful company’s advertising setup, the business contacted the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Van Graphics for Plumbing Contractors in Orange County

Plumbing contractor vehicle decals Orange County

Vinyl decals and lettering get noticed!

West Coast Plumbing is truly a family business. The mascot is a caricature styled after the owner’s beloved pit-bull. Placing a graphic of this mascot onto the sides of the van enhances brand awareness. Adding lettering that identifies the name of the company, its contact information, a niche explanation and a tag line ensures that the business builds up a presence that quickly turns it into a household name. We worked with black, red and blue lettering colors that stand out well from the white vehicle’s color.

What Could Vehicle Lettering and Graphics Do for Your Contracting Business?

You do not have to be a plumber to appreciate the wisdom of adding this signage solution to your marketing setup. If you still pull up a in non-descript van or truck at your jobsites, there is information that you simply must know.

Contractor van graphics Orange County

Put your mascot on your work trucks!

  • Less expensive than other marketing tools. The cost of one-thousand impressions from graphics or lettering is lower than the cost for the same number of impressions from a radio spot, billboard or newspaper ad.
  • Consistent long-term message exposure. The newspaper ad remains in place for a day. Then, the next edition comes out. When the paper gets recycled, the potential of having your ad noticed is gone. Conversely, vehicle lettering and graphics last for about five years. These sign products market around the clock for the duration of this time span.
  • Highly noticeable. When you park your treated vehicle in front of a jobsite, your company’s information is very visible. Since the vehicle stands out, the information you place on it becomes highly noticeable. Adding graphics to the display is always a good idea. They capture the eye and turn heads. By the way, you can never go wrong with animal graphics.
  • Assist your localized marketing campaign. When you have been thinking of undertaking a yard sign campaign in a specific neighborhood, driving your treated vehicle through the streets is an excellent idea. It starts the conversation that your signage products then enhance with more niche-specific details.
  • Great for one vehicle or a fleet. Fleet graphics maximize the impact of your vehicle’s graphics by the number of cars and trucks that show off the information. Some of our successful clients work with two different displays that involve identical lettering and graphics but show off slightly different niche explanations.
Work Truck Lettering for Contractors in Orange County

Advertise from all sides!

When you are ready to add vinyl van lettering for plumbing contractors in Orange County or lettering as well as graphics for any other type of business, our professionals can help. Call us today for more information on the products, our turnaround time and how to maximize your message’s exposure with the right display.

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