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5 Ways to Market Your Orange County Business Using Vehicle Graphics!

 May 15, 2014
Vehicle Graphics Orange County

Vehicle graphics help you target your local market!

Is it possible that you have overlooked one of the most effective marketing methods that also does not cost a bundle to implement? What are we talking about? Your car! Vehicle decals and graphics for Orange County, CA, are advertising tools that turn a work truck, delivery van or the boss’ personal vehicle into a movable billboard. How can you use your car for effective marketing?

Put Your Logo on the Vehicle

Brand your business, build name recognition, heighten consumer confidence and become a household name simply by placing your company’s logo onto the vehicle. When business takes you across town, you spread the word about the company. Even when you just park the car, the logo decal still does the talking.

Car Graphics Orange County

Logo graphics a great way to brand!

Put on Social Media Icons so People Can Find You on These Sites

The overwhelming number of consumers enjoys the interactivity that social media provides. While they like the discourse with friends and acquaintances, they also appreciate that it is now possible to communicate with company representatives just as easily. This is great news if you have a solid social media presence. In many cases, you can bring new customers to a store or service establishment simply by interacting on Facebook or Twitter. Getting out the word about your social media accounts is a great marketing step.

Use QR Codes

The quick response (QR) code is a wonderful advertising tool that increases your website traffic. Smartphone users are led to the website via the QR code, which promotes special offers or discounts. Once on your website, the consumer may check out your products and service packages as well.

Fleet graphics Orange County

Ask us about advertising with vehicle graphics!

Strength in Numbers

Place vehicle graphics on all your company vehicles, not just one. It is well documented that your vehicle graphics can reach more customers – for less money – than you could hope to connect with via any other advertising medium. Imagine doubling, quadrupling or otherwise exponentially increasing your exposure simply by treating all of your company cars to decals, lettering and graphics!

Work with a Professional Sign Company

Choose a sign company that utilizes exact color matching to make sure all your graphics visually harmonize. In addition, hire someone who understands your vision and the scope of vehicle lettering that you are comfortable with. After the installation, you should be able to recognize your vision clearly in the completed product. Speaking of installation, do not market your Orange County business using vehicle graphics that you have ordered off the Internet. Depending on the scope of the lettering and the number of decals, you need to have these materials professionally installed for the best look.

Superior Signs and Graphics is the type of signage professional who understands how to make vehicle graphics count. When you work with our experienced graphic artists and installers, you get a comprehensive package that is everything you want it to be without the overkill. We help you decide on decal placement, typeface usage and informational wording details. Call us today! You could be on the road to marketing effectively with the help of your car in just a few short days.

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