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Super Hero Captain America Car Decals in Orange County!

 Jun 23, 2015

Who says that that the custom vehicle decals Orange County consumers purchase are only for business purposes? Not too long ago, a parent invited the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics to create super hero car graphics for a son’s car. Were we able to provide the customer with this product? You bet!

Captain America to the Rescue!

Super Hero Captain America was the subject of the decals. Marvel Comics fans known him as the alter ego of an American soldier. The renewed interest in this 1941 comic book character has let to associations with the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. The most famous aspect of the hero’s getup is his disc-shaped shield. It is interesting to note that the vehicle’s color, for which we created the decals, is the same blue as the blue used on the shield. Applying it to the side of the door, we heightened the visual appeal with silver swirls and shapes that cover the length of the side.

Super Hero Car Graphics Orange County

Captain America car decals!

Decals for all Occasions

You do not have to be a super hero fan to commission graphics for your car or the vehicle of a friend or family member. In fact, there are plenty of other options.

  • Stripes. Racing stripes are no longer your standard black strips. Many now feature flames, broken lines and similar style elements. Some motorists now like to replace the traditional stripes with a tribal side display that features symbols and similar graphics.
  • Window graphics. You have seen the family stick figure decals that you can buy at some gas stations. Drivers now want personalizations that highlight hobbies, sports teams and related imagery in the creation of the family stick figures.
  • 3D graphics. Imagine pulling up with a vehicle that displays a full hood decal depicting a submarine engine with real three-dimensional effects! This is the kind of unique look that you do not buy off a shelf somewhere but need to commission form a signage maker. Needless to say, our graphic artists have plenty of experience with three-dimensional designs. This includes the design and installation of decals showing off apparent rips in the side of the car and similar effects.
  • Animal patterns. Leopard spots, zebra stripes and ladybug dots are just some of the graphics we can add to your vehicle. When you drive a red VW Beetle, why not add the black dots?
Avengers Car Graphics Orange County

Super hero car graphics are SUPER!

Designing Your Look Today

That said, it is possible to create any type of design and look for your car and its windows. Consult with our graphic artists to learn more about your options and to sit down with professionals to design a look that stuns and uniquely identifies your tastes.

Die cut vinyl car graphics Orange County

Are your car wraps “Superior?”

We work with any budget to create the look you crave. Whether you need the Captain America car decals Orange County motorists will instantly associate with you or any other type of graphic that makes even the most ordinary car stand out, we can help. Call us today to get started on your new look, and wow everyone in a few short days!

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