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Warehouse & Distribution Center Signs and Graphics in La Mirada CA!

 Aug 28, 2018

Warehouse and Distribution Signs La Mirada CA

It is a common misconception that industrial buildings do not need signage. The opposite is the case. Cases in point are the warehouse and distribution center signs and graphics that our sign shop has been putting together for facilities in and around La Mirada, CA.

Examples of Industrial Signage Products for Wayfinding, Safety, Marketing, and Branding

Warehouse Loading Dock Signs and Vinyl Numbers

Loading dock numbering!

Like any other business, industrial locales need adequate signage.

  • Building signs. The building sign signals to delivery drivers, clients, employees, and corporate personnel that they found the right venue. It reiterates the brand message, which lets passersby know what type of company is doing business in the area. The most common signage solutions include dimensional letters and panels.
  • Dock numbers. Minimize the potential for error in deliveries and inventory. Dock numbers label the areas that drivers access. Ensure that you know who is coming, unloading, or picking up goods.
  • Pallet racking signs. Keep order inside the warehouse with pallet racking signs. These may merely be alphabetical notations or follow your unique numbering system. Having these signs in place prevents employee error.
  • Floor graphics. Floor graphics are ideally suited for safety warnings. Identify areas where vehicles drive and alert employees to stay clear of loading areas. Ensure that visitors know which areas require hardhat use.
  • Wall murals. Beautify the space, present a robust brand message, or inspire employees to get behind corporate goals. Murals are the ideal solution for areas with sizable walls that would be impossible to decorate with standard artwork.
  • Lobby signs. Yes, even a warehouse or distribution center needs a lobby sign. It marks the point of contact for staff members who interact with the public and people who are doing business with the company. Examples may include delivery drivers and inventory agents.
  • Parking signs. When you regularly have trucks coming to your location, it can be dangerous in your parking lot. Signage spells out clearly where visitors in cars should drive and park. Moreover, it ensures that truck drivers stop at crosswalks and before exiting the property’s gates.

Work with a Sign Shop That Accommodates Your Needs

Warehouse Timeline Wall Graphics La Mirada CA

Company timeline wall murals for warehouses!

Your typical sign shop frequently does not have the equipment it takes to handle industrial types of signage installations. In contrast, Superior Signs and Graphics has heavily invested in the right equipment. From our large-scale printer, which lets us manufacture oversized banners and murals, to our bucket van, which is instrumental when installing signage near warehouse ceilings, our team can help.

We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of a broad range of signage products that benefit the industrial trade. If you are taking over a new warehouse space, we gladly conduct a site survey that enables you to put together a signage suite. In this way, you do not pay for anything that you do not need. Conversely, you might be thinking of updating some signs that you have already put in place. The team can help you with that, too.

Parking Lot Signs for Warehouse and Distribution Centers

No parking signs!

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