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Boys and Girls Club of Cypress Inspires with Wall Graphics in Orange County

 Jan 19, 2015

Located at 10161 Moody Street between Cerritos and Ball, the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress is committed to working with children of all age groups. Workers at the facility offer daily homework help for all grade levels, teach life skills and offer supervised recreational activities that interest a broad range of youngsters. The friendly folks from the Cypress location visited the Buena Park chapter of the club and saw some of the wall graphics we did. They loved them! Before long, they called Superior Signs and Graphics to work a bit of our magic in their location, too.

Wall Graphics for boys and girls clubs in Orange County

Wall graphics inspire and show pride!

We visited the Cypress location and discussed the signage needs with the management team. They were looking for a large logo decal that would be on the wall and noticeable to anyone entering the facility. Wall graphics for Boys and Girls Clubs in Orange County always feature the iconic logo as well as the name of the organization. The blue color of the logo is repeated once in the tag line of the group. Otherwise, the lettering is black. The management team was so happy with our work, they said that they will call us back to do more wall graphics in 2015.

It is true; transforming a space, marketing and branding are all jobs that are perfectly suited for wall graphics. Orange County members of the business community are realizing now that there are times when this product clearly outshines the more conventional dimensional letters, cabinets and other solutions. We are convinced that you, too, may own or operate a business where this signage is indeed the ideal answer. Here is why:

Inspire kids with wall graphics in Orange County

Attractive and affordable!

  • Large coverage. Are you operating a warehouse-type store or venue? Do you have large brick walls? While painting these walls may sound like a great idea, you will not be able to get the uniform coverage, subliminal design elements and signage components that you receive with wall graphics. Moreover, it is easy to wrap areas where signage is needed but conventional products may not be that easy to mount. Examples include pillars that point to amenities within the store.
  • Instant atmosphere creation. When you desire a change in atmosphere, murals do it overnight. There is no need for paint, wall art and other products. Rather, this type of wall graphic may depict a classic Italian vineyard – for the retailer specializing in this type of product – or a picturesque Parisian street scene (for the retailer with a decidedly French flair).
  • Marketing. When your store is effectively broken up into different sections, use the wall space to market your products. For example, the bread section might feature decorative graphics that highlight the natural goodness of the product. Educational wall graphics could then help the shopper to decide on the right type of bread for the occasion.
  • Basic signage. If you are located inside a mall, have a wall that is not well suited for other signage, or want to incorporate your name and logo within an artistic setting, this is the solution to consider.

Talk to our experienced professionals today to learn more about the many occasions when this kind of product may be superior to others.

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