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Intermex Revives Old Lightbox Cabinet Sign in Orange County

 Jan 18, 2015

Featuring more than 30,000 locations, Intermex is a money-wiring service that connects the local Latino communities with their families in 16 Latin-American countries. When loved ones back home rely on your generous financial assistance from within the United States, the friendly folks at Intermex help you to get the money where it needs to go quickly and safely. When it came time to upgrade the signage of the La Habra office in the OC, the management team at the Florida headquarters contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Illuminated Lightbox cabinet signs Orange County

Cabinet Signs are Easy to Reface!

A Refreshed Lightbox Cabinet Sign

The old marker was indeed worse for the wear. Over the course of the years, the sunny Southern California weather had begun to discolor the material. In addition, the selection of colors and fonts was popular back when the marker was once commissioned, but it is now out of style for a new generation of clients. We updated the look with new cabinet signs for Intermex Orange County. The facing is clear white and displays the green and yellow colors that Internet shoppers are familiar with from the company’s website.

This product now also displays the iconic logo of the company. If you are in the market for updated light box cabinet signs for money wiring companies in Orange County, talk to our experienced professionals. We understand that your business relies heavily on clarity of your signage, an iron-clad reputation and a name/logo mix that clients trust. At the same time, you have your operating budget to consider. For this reason, we offer you a wide variety of signage solutions that are as effective as they are budget-friendly.

Refurbished lightbox cabinet signs Orange County

The old sign was fading from the OC Sun!

Sprucing Up Your Signage

  • Sign refurbishing. If your marker was originally made from aluminum, there is a good chance that the “bones” of the sign are still in excellent shape. What frequently calls for a replacement is the light source or the polycarbonate facing. We can keep your initial cabinet in place and simply update the component that is no longer effectively branding or marketing your location.
  • Data updates. Even if the sign is still in working order, a recent re-branding or the addition of new services may leave it now incomplete. We can easily replace a vinyl overlay with an updated product that spells out your new logo, company colors or service options.
  • Packages. If you are just starting out in the business and need to get a new location up and running, we offer a variety of signage solutions for the interior as well as the exterior. A light box cabinet or channel letter marker, posters for the interior, window graphics, A-frames and other products quickly and concisely brand your business.
Cabinet Sign Repair and Restore Orange County

Now their cabinet sign shines once again!

Talk to our friendly professionals today for more information on these products and how they can help your business location to stand out. We are committed to your success; we know that signage is a major component of financial achievement. As a result, we routinely work with our clients to find the most sensible signage solutions that suit an individualized budget plan as well as the unique needs of the business at hand. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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