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Vinyl Lettering for Businesses and Vehicles in Orange County

 Sep 22, 2015

Located on the Fullerton Airport property at 4011 West Commonwealth Avenue, Wings Café serves comfort food, on the go meals and American staples. With a tagline of “good old-fashioned food,” you know it is tasty and well worth the visit. Adray’s V.P. Handyman & Construction Services provides residential and commercial general contracting work. Operating out of 249 East Emerson Avenue in Orange, you might think that these two businesses have very little in common. You would be wrong.

Vinyl lettering for businesses in Orange County

Vinyl lettering perfect for restaurant exteriors!

Just 2 Businesses That Benefit from Vinyl Lettering!

Both companies contacted the pros at Superior Signs and Graphics to design, manufacture and install vinyl lettering. For businesses and vehicles in Orange County, CA, this one advertising tool has proven its superior ability at branding a company while marketing the business’ products and services. For Adray’s V.P. Handyman & Construction Services, we treated a white Ford F150 work truck with vehicle vinyl lettering that spells out the company’s name, website address, niche explanation and contact information.

The truck’s tailgate repeats much of the information but also mentions that the company is currently hiring. When all positions are filled, it is easy for our technicians to remove this part of the lettering. Wings Café had us add the vinyl lettering to its façade right underneath the windows. Spelling out the venue’s name makes wayfinding a snap from across the property. It is interesting to note that this lettering doubles as a building sign.

What makes the product work is its easy visibility and adaptability.

Vinyl Lettering for Vehicles in Orange County

Vehicle vinyl lettering for your company vehicles!

Benefits of Vinyl Lettering for Businesses and Vehicles

  • Clear message display. You are in control of defining what the lettering says about your company. Add as many – or as few – style elements and informational tidbits as you like.
  • Adjustable size. Vinyl lettering accommodates all types of fonts and letter sizes. Whether you need something big for your company’s façade or something considerably smaller for a work truck or van, the lettering comes in the size you need. Changes in fonts and sizes provide visually pleasing design options.
  • Color versatility. Choose any color that you would like to see. Pick your company’s colors; opt for the display hues you selected for your website or combine different colors for a specific event or season. There is no limit to the display choices you have when it comes to the color selections.
  • Excellent for sign combos. Combining different sign products is always a good idea. Vehicle vinyl letters easily combine with a perforated vinyl sheet for the rear windows. Building or window letters combine with posters, A-frames or the building sign itself.
Truck Lettering for Contractors in Orange County

Ask us about vinyl lettering!

When you are ready to order vinyl lettering for businesses and vehicles in Orange County, CA, call our experts. We work with your management team to put together a design that displays your marketing message to your targeted demographic. We prepare sketches that let you see the signage like your customers would. When you are satisfied that we have found the right approach, we manufacture the product using the highest-quality raw materials. The finished letters are then installed to the prepared surface. This process changes the look of your vehicle or building overnight. Call us today to get started on your order.

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