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Vinyl Graphics for Ambulances in Orange County

 Apr 23, 2015

Are you still not sure that vehicle wraps and graphics work? The experts at Superior Signs and Graphics are here to tell you that they are exceedingly effective. A short time ago, we took our expertly wrapped van to the local Home Depot parking lot. (We routinely run business errands in this vehicle.) Representatives from Intel Ambulance approached us right there, in the parking lot, to commission a wrap product for their ambulance vehicles.

Importance of Choosing the Right Style Elements for an Ambulance

Vinyl graphics for Ambulances in Orange County

Vinyl graphics a must for ambulances

Intel Ambulance is a new local start-up that understands the value of excellent graphics. Vinyl graphics for ambulances in Orange County are a necessity because there are multiple ambulance services operating in the area. Standing out, getting noticed and operating a vehicle that is seen by motorists who need to get out of the way are crucial aspects of the business. At the same time, you want your name and logo to receive a prominent display for branding and marketing purposes.

Putting it all Together

Intel Ambulance is so new that the company did not yet have a firm logo. Would this be an obstacle for our graphic artists? No! We helped the company with the design of an eye-catching logo, which we then incorporated into the product. In addition, we added reflective vinyl stripes in a chevron pattern to the rear doors of the ambulance. This setup ensures safety and makes it easy for oncoming motorists to see this ambulance after dark.

Adding vehicle numbers and van logos succeeded at creating an exterior look that is as niche-specific as it is noticeable. From there, we moved on to the interior of the vehicle. It is a little known fact that ambulances feature numerous safety stickers on the inside. They include “no smoking” and similar warnings.

Reflective vinyl graphics for ambulances in Orange County

We also offer the necessary reflective graphics

What Could Vinyl Graphics do for Your Company?

If you do not need vehicle graphics for ambulances in Orange County, you may still be a business owner who uses untreated cars, trucks or vans to pull up at your customers’ homes. What does your work truck say about your contracting business? Does your delivery van identify your floral shop? How does your car communicate to motorists or pedestrians that you are a real estate professional, mobile notary or spa owner?

Adding these graphics to whatever vehicle you drive for your business – or for pleasure – could have a huge impact on consumers. In addition, when you consider that the cost for 1,000 impressions is only about $0.35, this five-year marketing program, also known as the vehicle vinyl wrap product, is sure to pay off. You cannot buy this much of an impact at this rate with any other type of marketing. Everything – including newspaper ads or billboards – is considerably more expensive when it comes to getting you those 1,000 impressions.

Van graphics for ambulances in Orange County

We can also design your ambulance graphics

Call us today for more information and to get started on your order. We work with you to discover the best possible design for you vehicle’s make and model. We manufacture the product from high-quality vinyl and then professionally install it.

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